Air is a very important element created by God. Living creatures cannot live even for a little time without air. Our ancestors worshipped air as Vayudeva(Air-God).


Air has two attributes of sound and touch. It has the quality of non-attachment. It moves everywhere, but does not get attached at any place. It is available without any favour or without any selfishness to everybody whether he is rich or poor, man or animal, flora or fauna, high or low. Its love is available to everyone. Sweet music is not possible without air.


There was a noble king. He would always do good deeds for the public. Once he announced that if anybody is unable to sell his product in the market, he would buy it.Once a man brought the statue of Shanidev to sell in the market. But who would buy this statue to keep it in his house? So true to his word, the king bought the same and kept it in his place.In the night, Goddess Laxmi appeared before him and told him that she is leaving the place because of the presence of Shani there. The King told her that she could do so because he had done so to keep his word and thus to uphold truth.After sometime, God Dharma Raj also appeared before him and told that he is leaving because of the presence of Shani-deva. The King gave the same reply to him also and allowed him to leave if he so liked.Then came Satya deva. He also wanted to go, but the King caught hold of him and said “I will not allow you to go.It is only because of you that I allowed both Laxmi and Dharma to go”. So Satya-deva had to stay. He did not go. Seeing this, Laxmi and Dharma also returned.

Value Song

Like air that’s cool and clear,
Let my smile be full of cheer,
And His Lotus feet will always be near.

I am your life force
Your vital breath
I blow through the scorching heat
Giving you cool breeze.

The fragrance of flowers and trees
And the music of birds
I blow through the swaying weeds
Creating new musical reeds.

Silent sitting

Take children to a garden having beautiful fragrant flowers. Let them sit there silently. With eyes closed let them imagine: “I am sitting in a beautiful garden. Cool breeze is blowing. It has fragrance of flowers in it. My whole body is getting refreshed and cool with this breeze. I send rays of love and joy all around. Somebody is playing a flute nearby. I am getting peace as this music falls on my ear. Birds are also singing on the tree. The whole atmosphere is giving me energy”.


“Dear children! We shall begin with a game. You have to close your nose and mouth with your hands. Who can sit for a maximum time?”(Analyse the feelings of the children)

“Now can you say without which Element we cannot stay even for a moment? Yes, that is air. If we are thirsty, but we don’t have water, we can live for a few days. If we are hungry, but we don’t have food, still we can live for a few more days. But without air, we cannot imagine life”.

  • Who has created this air? Any scientist, doctor or engineer? No, it is God himself, who has created the AIR out of love for us.
  • Do we pay any tax for using air? We pay bills for electricity, for water in towns. But for air, nothing.
    It is absolutely free – gifted by God. So we must be thankful to God for His divine grace on all of us.”


Come let us pray to VayuDeva :

“Namaste Vayo, Twameva Pratyaksham Brahmaasi,
Twaameva Pratyaksham Brahma Vadishyami
Rutam Vadishyami, Satyam Vadishyami”
Om Shanthi: Shanthi: Shanthi: || (Vedic Prayer)

Oh Lord of the Air! Truth Supreme,
We bow to you Lord divine.
Bless us with great strength,
Intellect and the Balanced Breath.


Do you know how Hanuman became powerful? I will tell you today about that. But before that can you tell me who is the father of Hanuman?
Yes, Vayu Deva.

Narrate the incident when he was a baby, Hanuman feeling hungry, jumped to eat the rising sun thinking that it was a red ripe fruit. He swallowed the sun and so the universe was in darkness. The Devatas requested him to release the Sun from His mouth. This proposal was not accepted by little Hanuman. Indra was angry, attacked the newly born baby with His ‘Vajra’ by which the backbone of the baby Hanuman got fractured into pieces. Knowing all this Vayu Deva became angry and withdrew himself from the Universe and stopped flowing. Now what do you see? All creatures started burning. Temperature started rising everywhere. Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwar and Devas ran to Vayu Deva and prayed to save the creation. Vayu deva asked all to give their power to his son and to make him all powerful. With the blessings of all Divine Powers,the baby had great strength, intellect and intuition. Since then he is known as Hanuman.


  • What happened when Vayu Deva stopped blowing?
  • What would happen if there is no air?
  • Can fish/water animals live? (No they also breathe air dissolved in water)
  • Can trees live without air? (No, they also breath through their leaves)

Circle Game

There will be six circles named Earth, Water, Fire, Jungle, Birds and Vacuum. Six children will move around with music. When music stops, children have to stand in any of the circles. Depending upon the circle in which they are, following action is to be done by them.

Earth – A Dancing Man;
Water – Swimming fish;
Birds – Flying Bird;
Jungle – Swinging Tree;
Fire – Burning fire;
Vacuum – Dead body

The child in the vacuum circle will be out of the game.(Now ask a few questions to point out the attributes to AIR)

Can you see Air? No, it is formless.
Can you taste Air? No, it is tasteless.
Can you smell Air? No, it carries smell of any object `or gas it comes across.
Do you hear the sound of Air? Yes, it creates sound based on the speed.
Can you touch Air? Yes, we feel the soothing touch of air.

How do you feel when you take a walk morning and evening in the cool breeze? We feel fresh, energetic and happy. Thus, air has the attributes of sound and touch.


There was a little bird named Dolly. With her strong wings, Dolly planned for a journey to cover the entire world, to see new places and the beautiful nature. Dolly started early morning. Fresh air was blowing throughout. Happily and gladly she went on flying, singing songs and enjoying the beautiful nature trees, flowers, fruits all around. On the way she ate fruits from trees, drank pure water from rivers, took a little rest on branches and again started her journey. She covered several miles.

At one moment, she suffered from a breathing problem. Feeling very week, she started coming down. Her eyes started burning. She found a canal full of dirty water. In pain, failing to find any other source, she washed her eyes in that dirty water. Then, she looked for a tree to take rest. After a long search, she found a small tree. She wanted to lie down for a moment. After taking some rest, she wondered why this happened. Where am I? There were buildings around, no trees. She saw a large factory giving out heavy smoke in the surroundings. She was scared to see hundreds of vehicles moving on the road expelling smoke.

Little Dolly was ashamed of looking at the demonic nature of humans in destroying the purity of god-gifted air. She abandoned her plan to journey around the world. She turned back to her village with a heavy heart. She called her friends. They talked about the importance of plantation, control of exit of gases in the atmosphere, importance of pure air on the body and mind. They also collected packets of seeds of a variety of trees.

Then they all flew to the town. They dropped the seeds all over the town. They were happy that they had done their duty. After one year, Dolly once again came to see the town. She was very happy to see that the trees were swinging with cool breeze all around, no eyes burning, no breath choking. She happily danced and sang –

“Fresh Air,Healthy Air, Pure Air, Divine Power”


We can ask a few questions to know what they have understood –
Q. What happens if air is polluted? (Temperature increases)
Q. What is the cause of air pollution? (Gases from factory and vehicles, deforestation)
Q. How to control air pollution? (Plantation, control of gases exit to atmosphere)
Q. What is the importance of pure Air? (Gives strength, makes us fresh)


‘Now be ready to go on a tour. Where will we go? Let’s go to a park full of green grass. Beautiful flowers are all around spreading fragrance. Air which is fresh and cool, touches our body. It makes us fresh. So let us go. Close your eyes. Sit straight. Feel that it is early morning’ Recite Three Omkars. (Silence for a while. Then Guru will speak slowly)

‘Dear children, stand up slowly. Silently form a line. Look at the sun. How beautiful is the rising sun! Oh what cool air. It is touching our whole body. Ah! What peace. Please wait. The bus is coming. Let it go. Oh! dirty smoke. Close your nose. This gas is very bad for our health. OK, now cross the road.

‘Look at the beautiful park. Go inside the park in a line. What a pleasant breeze! Go and run around, inside the park (Pause for a while). Now you are feeling hot and are sweating. Now take rest under this tree. How do you feel? Now, you are enjoying the cool air once again. It is soaking all your sweat. Look at the trees. How they swing happily with the rhythm of the air. Oh! What a sweet fragrance! Air is bringing the sweet smell from the flowers to us.

Now it is time to go back. Thank the plants, flowers, sun. Give your special thanks to the air. Move slowly. Now we are at the doorstep of our classroom. Take off your shoes. Come inside slowly. Sit down at your place. Relax. (Pause for a while)

Now we will recite “Om Shanthi;Shanthi;Shanthi:”.

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