All the five elements are the divine entities of God. Hence our ancestors always worshipped them as God.We worship earth as Bhu-devi or Dhartimata. We should try to keep this earth element always purified by controlling our requirements and by engaging ourselves in good deeds.


Earth has five attributes viz; sound, touch, form, taste and smell. Earth gives us energy and food. Our life flourishes only because of earth. It teaches us forbearance and broad mindedness. All the light and heavy vehicles move over it.We dig and plough over it and give it all the troubles and injuries, but it bears all this very peacefully; in return it gives us food and other necessities of life like wood, coal, minerals, etc.


A French boy loved birds, especially the Lau bird, which had melodious voice. French people like to eat the meat of this bird.

One day, this boy heard the voice of Lau bird. He saw around and found the bird in a cage by a man who wanted to sell the bird. The boy knew that whosoever bought the bird would kill and eat its meat. Lau looked at the boy as if it was asking for help.

The boy asked the man for the price. He searched his pocket and found that there was not enough money. He told the man, “Dear old man, take whatever money I have but give me this bird”.

It was quite hot. He ran to his house but found that his mother was not there. He feared that somebody may buy the bird and eat it. He then ran to his teacher for the balance money. The teacher immediately gave him the balance money. The boy ran back when he saw that a woman was bargaining for the bird.

The boy paid the price and was happy that he could save the bird so dear to him. He at once looked at the bird that was also looking anxiously at him. He patted Lau. Lau also thanked him with his loving voice. The boy took the cage to a lonely place and opened the same. With thankful and loving lookthe bird flew into the space above. Who can imagine the pleasure which the boygot?


We should have the mental attitude as per the Atharva Veda saying as under – (Earth is my mother; I am the son of Earth) In order to emphasise, the same thing is uttered twice. If we utter this and have this attitude we shall definitely try to conserve Mother earth and keep it neat and clean.

Silent Sitting

Take the children to the countryside and let them sit silently along the field. Let them think and enjoy as under :

  • Trees and hedges are all around, shining sun above and gentle breeze blowing,
  • Field is being ploughed by tractor, water flowing from a tube-well.
  • On the other side, we see corn in the field, from corn comes flour which is kneaded into bread and other foods.
  • Everything we need to live is around us. We can take as per our need. There is no need to hoard.
  • This is just like a golden field of love for everybody. Birds and animals are enjoying in the free atmosphere.



Earth is our mother. She bears the burden of huge mountains, deep seas and wide spread forests, rivers, lakes. It takes all the pains in allowing its surface ravaged for agriculture, mining and industries. It gives us food, shelter, so many things, good environment and buildings for our habitation.


There was a farmer living in a village. His young grandson was going to the fields with him every day. He was in the habit of asking about whatever he saw outside. When his grandfather was sowing paddy in the field, he enquired about the same. Grandfather answered about the act of sowing seeds in the field. Again the grandson inquired “Why?” This time grandfather asked him to wait for 6 months and watch. After 6 months when the paddy bags were brought back home, the grandson again inquired where the bags came from. Now grandfather got the chance to explain, the result of sowing the seeds and that this is the outcome of the act of sowing before 6 months.The grandson thought for a few minutes and said “Our field is a good bank which gives the highest interest on the deposits even for a short period”.


I am the earth, earth I am called
I am created to serve the whole world
I never expect anything in return
For my life is full of dedication (1)

I am created to tolerate all
I am trained to accommodate all
I am taught to facilitate all
Gladly and smilingly I embrace all (2)

Heavy and High mountains rest on me
Mighty and long rivers flow on me
Tall towers and mansions stand on me
Life giving crops are grown on me (3)

Silent Sitting

A globe is to be kept for the children. They may be asked to observe the globe minutely. After a keen observation for a minute or two, children will be asked to close their eyes and visualise the landscape, countries and continents their length and breath.


  • Where are the crops grown?
  • Out of what are the bricks made?
  • Where are the mines from which we get minerals?
  • Where can we dig well, to get water?
  • Where can we produce vegetables?


A very rich man was living in his village. He had three sons. The rich man grew old and before his death he wanted to divide his properties among the sons. He had a lot of land property, cows and buffaloes and gold ornaments. The eldest son wanted to take all the gold ornaments and live in the town. The middle one was very fond of cows and buffaloes. So he took all the cattle and the workers who looked after them. The youngest had no other choice but to accept the landed property. Days passed and the rich man died.

The sons lived as per their choice. Once there were floods in their district. There was no scope of saving the cattle. The son with the cattle lost some of the cows and buffaloes. Those which were left behind did not get any food to eat. Some of them also died subsequently. The second son faced a great loss. Without getting any work and food,people from the village left for nearby towns. Some of them started stealing. Once there was a theft in the house of the elder son in that town. He also lost a good amount of ornaments.

After the floods, people in the village tried their best for the next crop and got good harvest and lived happily. The youngest son thanked the land for its gifts.

Group Activity

Students are divided in two groups. Tasks are given as below. One group gives a word clue. The second group should give its utility. Marks are given.

5 Elements
5 Elements
5 Elements
5 Elements
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