Fire element represents light. Fire has been given the name of Fire-god or Agni deva. We worship fire, do ‘Homam’. We do Aarti to all gods with the flame of fire.


Fire has the attributes of sound, touch and form.Fire itself burns, but gives light to others. It transmits energy also. Sun is also a sort of fire-ball. It gives energy and light. Light is a symbol of knowledge. As light dispels darkness, knowledge removes the darkness of ignorance. Fire burns the impurities in anything and makes the same pure e.g. gold. As such it is a symbol of purity also. When the light of knowledge shines, bad qualities like hatred, jealousy, greed etc. go away and good qualities take their place. Flame of fire always goes up. Similarly, we should have always high and lofty ideals and thoughts.


One day a saint, saw a boy with a string-instrument singing a dirty film song. The saint stopped and started crying in a loud voice “Oh God, you are great. Not even a leaf can move without your wish”. The boy become angry and hit the saint on the head with his instrument and the same got broken. The saint just smiled and went ahead.

On reaching his hut, the saint told the whole incident to his disciple and asked him to go to that young man and give him the price of the instrument and also some sweets. He also asked his disciple to tell him that getting angry is very bad for health, and that he was sorry that he became angry only because of him. When the young man received all these things and nice advice from the saint, there were tears of repentance in his eyes; he went to the saint and apologised for being annoyed with him.


fire burns strong and bright, Let my thoughts always be upright.

Silent Sitting

Ask the children to sit straight and silent. Then ask them to think as under – “Imagine that there is a lighted lamp in front of you. With closed eyes bring the light to your forehead and then in your head. Imagine and say that wherever there is light, darkness cannot remain. All bad thoughts are out and all good thoughts are in. I will always have good thoughts.”


Prepare three sets of cards. These are given to three groups of children. They are told that the sets contain names of (a) professionals, (b) Work they do, and (c) The source of heat or fire. They have to match the cards.

5 Elements

Questions to Discuss

  • Human body has fire within (A thermometer will show temperature. When dead, the body becomes cold)
  • Sun has fire (A lens can be used to concentrate rays on a dry paper)
  • Wood and stones have fire (Two wood sticks are rubbed, or stones rubbed against each other to produce fire)


The Teacher will relate an incident of a picnic. Once, the students of a primary school went on a picnic with their teachers. They carried all materials for cooking their food, like rice, dal, vegetables and firewood. They held their camp near a hilly stream. After reaching the spot they began arranging all the materials for cooking their food. Unfortunately their cooking could not be started. Something was found missing. What was that? It was the matchbox. There was no other source of fire to burn the firewood.


  • Who created the sun?
  • Besides cooking in what other ways does fire help the people?
  • When do you need light?
  • How do you get the light in day time?
  • What else does the sun give to the world?


Fire, Fire burning bright
In the midst of gloomy night
Light is life and darkness death
Gives us energy, light and mirth.

From womb to tomb, fire is friend
Fulfills all the needs till the end
In summer, we feel the scorching heat,
For winter it is a pleasant gift.

Lighter than water spreads everywhere
Purity is its basic nature.

Group Activity

Questions are given below for discussions. Teacher can divide the class into groups and give each group a question. They can list the answers. One pupil can make a presentation. Displays can be made for effectiveness.

  • What sources of light do we use?
  • What do we burn in fire? Why?
  • What things are purified in fire?

Silent Sitting

Children! The day dawns and you rise early from bed and do the morning prayers. Go out and salute the rising red round sun coming up in the eastern horizon. Visualise the sun as light dispelling the darkness of the night and spreading everywhere; you feel the soothing warmth of the morning sun. Then you take your bath and clean your clothing in warm water and let your wet dresses be dried up in sun and air. For the entire day the sun God has given light, heat and energy. Then mother serves you hot Tiffin cooked on fire. Then, the sweeper comes and collects the waste unused materials at one place, sets fire to it to make your surrounding clean and pure. The sun then rises over head. You enjoy your delicious lunch cooked by mother with the help of fire. Evening comes; you get light of the moon. All the lights of your house then must be on to help you do your activity. Your mother lights up the sacred lamp at your shrine room for prayer. Incense fire is also lit up to provide fragrance.


“Asato ma Sadgamaya
Tamaso ma Jyotirgamaya
OmShanthi: Shanthi:Shanthi:”

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