Develop the strong faith that the body has been gifted to uphold Human Values. Moral Values should be the undercurrent in each and every action of Man. – Bhagavan Sri SathyaSai Baba DD 22nd Nov 1998

Educare is the Veda of the 21st century.

The word ‘Educare’ means to bring out that which is within. Human values, namely, Sathya, Dharma, Shanti, Prema and Ahimsa (Truth, Righteousness, Peace, Love and Non-violence) are hidden in every
human being. ‘Educare’ means to bring out human values. ‘To bring out’ means to translate them into action.

The whole cosmos is made up of five elements. Sound, touch, form, taste and smell represent their attributes. All these have emerged from GOD (Sat-Chit-Ananda), the Primal source. Educare is the inter relationship between the Five elements, five attributes, five Sense organs and the five Human values.

Five Elements – Introduction

5 ElementsAll of us notice a rainbow in the sky after rains. It has got seven colours – violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. However, all of them have come out of white rays of light only. We may not get as much joy from the white rays of light as from the seven colours of rainbow, but the existence of the rainbow is not possible without the white light. Similarly, we get joy on seeing this whole creation made, but we tend to lose sight of the source of this creation who is GOD.

5 ElementsThe tiny droplets of rain-water act as prisms which divide the white rays of sun into seven rainbow colors; similarly, our mind acts as a prism which enables us to enjoy the diversity in the cosmos coming out of the Divine light of God, and created by the above five elements.

There is perfect harmony amongst these five elements of creation normally. Our body is also made out of these very elements. If we can maintain balance in these elements in our body, we shall be healthy; and the balance of elements in the creation is also not disturbed.


A big bottle half full of peanuts was lying on the table. A little boy saw the same and with greedy eyes came near it. He put his hand inside and filled his hand with as many peanuts as he could, and tried to take it out. Unfortunately for him, the mouth of the bottle was very narrow and his hand got stuck with the fist full of peanuts. He started crying. His father, who was sitting nearby, asked him to drop the peanuts and take out only a few as per his need in his little hand.The boy tried the same and was happy to take out his hand with a few peanuts.


God created the five elements,
Space, air, fire, water and earth,
We are made of the same elements.
As is mother nature,
And so is every creature


The elements are written below. For each of them, 4 options are given. Pick up the word which is nearest to it-
5 Elements
Akash : Universe, Space, Sky, Cloud.
Vayu : Air, Wind, Breeze, Cyclone
Agni : Smoke, Volcano, Fire, Lava.
Jal : Rain, Water, Pond, Tank.
Prithivi: Earth, Rock, Sand, Cement.


‘Creator of Life and Light,
We thank you this day for the beauty of the world,
For hills to climb, and deep water to swim in,
For the goodly smell of rain on dry ground,
For music that lifts our hearts in one breath to heaven,
And for the hand grasp of a friend’

Silent Sitting

Let children close their eyes and ‘Visualise’ the joys of nature. Let there be soft music played in the background.

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