In the beginning of creation, when GOD uttered the first word ‘OM’, something was required to contain it and the space element came into existence. It has unrestrained capacity to pervade. It exists everywhere. It can accommodate everything. Our ancestors worshipped space as God with the name ‘Sabdabrahman’ – Primordial sound.


This element has the attribute of sound. Music and other audible sounds are the outpouring of the higher or cosmic sound ‘OM’ which is the source of all matter and energy. As space has the attributes of expansiveness, we should make our heart broad and accommodating, full of universal love for the whole creation.


As space accommodates everything
Let my heart encompass every being.


There was a great man named Kagawa in Japan. He was known as “Mahatma Gandhi of Japan”. He lived a simple life in a small town and everybody loved him.In that town, there lived a notorious man. He misbehaved with everybody. Nobody liked him. When everybody praised Kagawa, he started hating Kagawa and wanted to harm him. So he went to his house in the night. Kagawa got up and saw the man with red eyes ready to kill him. But, he remained calm. He started to pray with folded hands to God, ‘Lord, give him good sense. I pray to you for his welfare’.The man was astonished to see the man whom he had come to kill, praying for his welfare. Kagawa was smiling with love and praying.The man threw his weapon and started weeping after falling at Kagawa’s feet.Kagawa asked him to get up, embraced him, wiped his tears and said, ‘Man, don’t worry. To err is human,to forgive is divine’. The man was completely changed with Kagawa’s prayer and affection. He became a good man.

Silent Sitting

Let children sit silently, close their eyes and imagine as under; “I am walking in a garden. It is very beautiful. The birds are singing and are very happy. A cool breeze is blowing. I am looking at the blue sky. How much space is there? I am expanding and becoming bigger and bigger like the sky. The sky is calling all the living beings to float high and enjoy. The sun is shining with its rays of light and love. Let me spread both of my hands to all the people, animals, birds, planets, the fish, the rocks, to come to me and share my love. I am feeling happy and joyful. I express my thanks to all around me”.


In the grid identify the five elements –

5 Elements




Guru: ‘My dear Children! Today we will talk about the five elements. The five elements in nature are Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These elements have been created by God”. (Guru shows the sample of three elements to the children [Earth (alump of clay). Water (a glass filled with clear water). Fire (a candle is lighted, allow it to burn)]


“Children! I have shown you three elements out of the five elements. But I cannot show you the other two elements;you cannot see them with these eyes. But don’t get disheartened. I will let you know about these two elements also.Let us talk about air. We cannot live without taking in pure air through our breath inside our body (inhalation) and leaving out air alongwith bodily impurity through exhalation” (Guru demonstrates the process of inhalation and exhalation and asks children to practice).”Though you are unable to see the air passing through during exhalation, you know its presence by the sensation of its touch. If you go outside the class room, you can feel the touch of air on the skin of your face and hands etc.” “Now we will try to know the element Space (Akasha). Akasha is the subtlest of all the elements and is the first element created by God.Sound is the only attribute of this Akash. The sound that first emerged during its creation is ‘OM’. This ‘OM’ is called the voice of God. From ‘OM’ other sounds were created.From the element ‘Space’, the other elements such as Air, Fire, Water and Earth were created in progression. “Suppose I utter the word ‘Rama’ loudly (Guru utters the word and takes a pause). Do you still hear the word uttered by me? ‘No’ where did this sound of Rama go? “It has spread in the space. Since space is present all over, the sound was absorbed in the space”. Whenever we devotedly chant’OM’ the sound of God, God becomes pleased and grants us good physical, mental and spiritual health.


God’s name uttered by a true devotee, ever vibrates in ‘Space’


“Now, I will tell you a story to know the secret of the element space”.

Story of JanaBai

Janabai, a simple and kind-hearted woman was a devotee of Lord Panduranga. She always devotedly chanted “Ranga! Ranga! Panduranga!even while engaged in her household duty. One day Janabai complained to Saint Namadev that cowdung cakes prepared by her are stolen by somebody. Namadev asked Janabai, “How do you identify the cowdung cakes prepared by you?” She replied “I always recite Lord’s Name. The cowdungcakes prepared by me bears the name I chant”. She ran up to her home and brought a cowdung prepared by her. She placed the cowdung cake close to the ear of Namadev. The dung cake was chanting the name of the Lord “Ranga, Ranga, Panduranga!”.Namadev heard these names coming out continuously from the cake. Namadev still wondered whether it was real; he had a doubt. Janabai was asked to prepare another dung cake. She brought some dung and made it into a cake while chanting “Ranga, Ranga, Panduranga!”.Namadev placed the cake close to his ear. Once again he heard the words of the Lord issuing from the cake. He realised that the power of Lord’s name was beyond all reckoning. Man’s thoughts and words remain ever in the omnipresent space, outlasting human existence”.


My dear children! Let us now sing a song on ‘Space’ (Guru writes the song clearly on the blackboard and sings the song as children follow)
Om OmOm
Supports the element space
Om OmOm
Let us chant space. (1)
Space, Space, Space
Absorbs thoughts and sounds
Space, Space, Space
All the elements it binds. (2)
Think Good, Hear Good, Speak Good
To keep the Space pure
Grace of God shall shower
There shall be no fear. (3)
Space, Space, Space
Source of all light
Space, Space, Space
Shall keep us all in delight. (4)
Space, Space, Space
It is the divine gift
Keep it ever pure
Make your life bright. (5)


(Nature art) Draw and colour –
(a) Sky, Clouds, Rainbow, Bird, etc.
(b) Dark Sky, Stars, Moon

Silent Sitting

Close your eyes and meditate on the picture. Absorb the joy from nature. “A thing of beauty is a joy forever”.

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