Water is just like nectar in the creation of God. Life is not possible without water. It is necessary for survival of human, animal and vegetable life. In Bharat, we call all the rivers as mothers – like Mother Ganga, Mother Godavari, Mother Kaveri etc. We worship them like goddesses. There is a daily Aarti of River Ganga. In this way we offer our gratitude to these rivers for giving us life saving water.Out of his selfishness, man is not caring to keep these rivers pure and clean. We throw all waste materials in them. Factories by the side of rivers throw the waste effluents in them making the water unfit for human consumption. Also, the balance in the nature is disturbed. In our daily use also, we waste much water and do not utilise the same as per our need. Nature also gives us punishment by floods somewhere and droughts at other places.


Water has four attributes viz; sound, touch, form and taste. It has the property of constant flow, always on the move. We should learn from it – not to sit idle but always do some work, to help others and create harmony in nature. Water always flows from a higher level to lower level. The higher the level from which it falls, the greater is the power which it has. It can help in the production of electricity. Water does not hesitate to flow towards lower side. Similarly, we should not have any ego and should love the poor people. Water gives coolness when taken inside or used outside to take a bath. Flowing water also takes along with it the dirt and leaves the area neat and clean.


There was an ill-tempered lady. She would get angry on every small pretext. When she would become calm, she repented, but she could not overcome her anger.

One day a Sadhu came to her house. The lady told him “Sir, I am very sad. I become angry very easily. Please tell me some way out to overcome this habit”.

The Sadhu told her “Dear lady, don’t worry. I have got a very good medicine to overcome anger; I shall come tomorrow alongwith the medicine”

Next day, the Sadhu came to her with bottle full of some liquid. Giving the same to her, he said “Whenever you become angry, just take the bottle to your mouth and sip the liquid till your anger subsides. I shall come after seven days”.

The lady started taking the medicine. Whenever she became angry, she would start sipping from the bottle.

After seven days the Sadhu came as promised to know the outcome. The lady fell at his feet saying “Sir, you have saved me. You gave me such a medicine that I don’t know where my anger has gone. Kindly tell me about the medicine”

The Sadhu told “Sister, the bottle contains nothing but pure water. Water gives coolness to the mind and heart. So your anger has gone”.

As water quenches thirst and earth tolerates the worse, let me be righteous and just.

Silent Sitting

Take children to the banks of a river and let them sit silently and be looking towards the vast expanse of water. Think as under-

  • How clean is the flowing water
  • How beautiful is the flowing water
  • The taste of pure, clean and cold water
  • The joy of all around atmosphere with greenery created by this water and the cool breeze flowing over this cool water.
  • My mind is filled with peace and love. Love is flowing towards all and sundry without any thought of mine and thine, high and low.


  • Which is the fruit that has water in its name?
  • Find out what water is called in three different languages.
  • Water exists in three states. Ice is in the ___________ state and vapour is in _________ state.
  • How do camels travel long distances for many days without drinking water?
  • Excess loss of water in the body may cause _______________ .



There was a boy named Ramesh. He mostly liked to spend his leisure hours in the garden. One day, he brought some flower plants from the market and planted them in the garden. He looked after them and cared for them. After about a week, his parents wanted to visit some places in the south and Ramesh had to go with them.
They returned after 15 days. Ramesh found that all his plants had died.
Q. Tell me what made the plants die?
Q. What should have Ramesh done?
Q. What problems will you face without water?

Group Activity

The students will be divided into small groups of 5-8 to discuss and draw a list of uses of water. They will be further told to draw rough sketches depicting uses of water with a little caption on each sketch. Each group will present its work for the whole class and finally the teacher will sum up and write them on the board.The sketches will then be displayed on the walls for every student to observe and note.

Group Singing

Water, Water, Water
God is your creator

I cannot live without your favour
You are my life sustainer-Water

You make everybody’s life a pleasure
I promise to keep you ever pure.
Water, Water, Water


Bhageeratha was the son of King Dilip. When Bhageeratha became King, he took the vow that he would bring the holy water of the Ganges from heaven on to the earth and land below. He did penance (Tapa) for a long period to please Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva.

It was his strong determination and devotion that pleased them. Lord Shiva absorbed the form of Ganga in his matted hair.And then the sacred Ganga flowed down. Wherever the pure and sacred waters of Ganga flowed, there was prosperity, happiness and love. The land became fertile; Civilisations grew along the banks of the river. Mother Ganga is a symbol of life, of purity and divinity.

Silent Sitting

“I got up from bed early in the morning, prayed to Lord and left my bed. I washed my face with water. Then I offered my pranams at the feet of my elders. After that I brushed my teeth, completed other works including bath with the help of water. I washed my clothes with water. My mother cleansed the utensils and the veranda with water. My parents also completed their daily work, like me, with the help of water. My mother cooked food, mainly with the help of water. After returning from school, I watered the plants and then washed my hands and legs with water. I take my tiffin with water.Oh Water, I cannot exist in this world without you. You are really great. I am most grateful to God who has created you for us. I shall never waste you. I promise to keep you ever pure’.

Om Shanthi:Shanthi:Shanthi:

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