Assorted Mandala Creation (Buddha Day Group Activity)

Mandala art combines math, art and natural materials. It links to festivals like Vesak, Buddha Day and Deepavali. Mandalas can be created with variety of materials, indoors or outside. They often use symmetry, repeating patterns, fractions and concentric designs. Here are some easy mandala crafts for Balvikas Group I, II and III children which feature an interesting collection of materials.

Values Inculcated:
  • To carry out art from heart
  • Offering skills and time to Lord
  • Devotion
  • Understanding the significance of ‘Sacred Mandala’
Preparatory Effort :
  • The guru to explain the children about Buddha, Buddhism and Buddha Poornima.
  • Significance of Mandalas in Buddhism.
  • If Small children are involved, the guru shall help the children to draw a circle
Materials Required:
  • Pista shells, grains, vegetables, fruits or paints
  • A4-sheet, chart or circular plate
  • Fevicol
  • Pencil, Eraser
  • Compass (to draw circles)
  • Bowls (to keep the pulses, shells, fruits, vegetables)
  • Waste cloth
  • Divide the children into groups.
  • Children to gather the materials for the Mandala of their choice.
  • Create the Mandala on a chart paper or on a plate.
  • Display the Mandala.
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