Divine Life of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Chapter II

  • Birth and Boyhood – Part IV
  • Gadai, A Budding Artist
  • Gadadhar with his Drama Troupe
  • Farewell to Kamarpukur

Gadai, A Budding Artist

Gadadhar’s progress at school was not bad. Within a short time he could read and write in a simple way. But his aversion to arithmetic continued. On the other hand, he became more and more adroit in imitating others and showed his originality in various ways. Seeing the village potters making images of gods and goddesses, he began to visit them, and learning  their art, started practising it at home. It became one of his hobbies. Similarly he socialised  with those who painted pictures and started painting.

Once Gadai found a village artist painting a Durga image. After having a close look at it, he felt that the eyes of a goddess should not be drawn that way. He took the brush from the artist and painted the eyes of the goddess so well that the image had a divine touch.

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