Divine Life of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Chapter II

  • Birth and Boyhood – Part III
  • Gadai’s Love of Truth
  • Solving a Disputed Point of Scholars
  • Ecstacy for the Third Time

Gadai’s Love of Truth

Gadadhar was now nine, and it was time to invest him with the holy thread. A curious incident happened in this connection.

It is the traditional custom in a Brahmin family that just after the upanayanam ceremony (investiture with the sacred thread), the newly initiated should accept his first alms from some relative or at least from a Brahmin of the same social standing. But Dhani, the blacksmith woman who had tended the child in the lying-in room, had long ago prayed to Gadadhar to extend her the privilege of giving him the first Bhiksha (alms), and the boy, moved by her genuine love, had agreed. After the investiture ceremony was over, Gadadhar, in spite of the repeated objections of other members of the house, kept his promise and accepted his first alms from Dhani in contrast to  the time-honoured custom of his  family.

But the event, however trifling, is not without significance. This unyielding love of truth and rising above social convention at this tender age reflected in no small measure Gadadhar’s latent spiritual inclination and foresight and disclosed the real nature of the boy. It showed that true love and devotion were more precious to him than social restrictions.

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