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Guided Visualisation

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Guided Visualisation with reference to Nature

Our thoughts are like countless water droplets that form a river of words and actions. We have little control over this river. It is so strong that it can even wash away huge boulders that lie in its path. However, it is easy to block or change the direction of a river’s flow from its source with just a stone, the magic of ‘Being in Silence’. Baba says – “There is nothing like silence to still the restlessness of the heart.”

Among the various techniques for experiencing silence, ‘Guided Visualisation’ is very effective for children of age below 12 years. It is highly beneficial to involve the children to imagine and take them through a guided session. The session can be on any object from nature. The attributes of the object are described in a vivid manner to help the children to visualize easily.

Jyothi meditation is a kind of guided meditation that is universal. The Jyothi (light) is moved from inside to outside symbolizing the spread of love and oneness. This will be covered in higher groups and years.

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