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Quiet Time

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Sri Sathya Sai Baba has said that it is in the depths of silence that the voice of God can be heard.

Silent sitting is a process of tuning into oneself. It brings the inner consciousness to the forefront. We install the divinity as the guiding force in life so that through the intellect, we can manage and monitor the vagaries of the mind. If the quality of thoughts is good, the quality of mind will also be good.

It is advisable to start ‘silent sitting’ with young children for only a minute or two and gradually build up. The most important factor is that it is practiced regularly, even at home. We will notice that those who are practicing ‘silent sitting’ sincerely become quiet and less restless. Gradually, they become more confident in themselves and are able to concentrate on their work more.

Quiet time exercise can be practiced at the beginning of the class as well as at the end, taking the children’s age and ability into consideration. It is about being very still and listening, particularly listening to the sounds and feelings inside. A few Value-Based Quite Time Exercises have been listed here as samples.

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