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Love is the manifestation of Truth. It has originated from the principle of Atma. It is pure, steady, effulgent, attributeless, formless, ancient, eternal, immortal, and nectarine. These are the nine qualities of love. Love hates none, unites all. Ekatma Darshanam Prema (experience of non-dualism is love).

If thoughts are immersed in Love, Truth will manifest in our hearts. If our actions are suffused with Love, then all our acts will exhibit Righteousness. If our feelings are soaked in Love, we will be able to enjoy Peace; and, if we are able to experience and understand the principle of love in all-pervading nature, then Non-violence will envelope us and be present in all our endeavours.

Thus, Love is the under-current of all values, providing them divine quality. Love towards God is Devotion. In this section, the first story titled “Prayer” reveals the devotion of the child to God and shows how a sincere prayer is answered by God. Another sub value of Love is kindness. Two Stories based on Kindness to Animals reveals the experience of non-dualism.

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