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Ganesha Bhajans Tutor

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“In a forest, when an elephant moves through the jungle, it clears the way for others to follow. Likewise, by invoking Ganesha, the path is cleared for our undertakings. The elephant’s foot is so large that when it moves it can stamp out the footprints of any other animal. Here, again, the symbolic meaning is that all obstacles in the way will be removed when Ganesha is accorded the place of honor. The journey of life is made smoother and happier by the grace of Ganesha.” – BABA

Lord Ganesha removes all the obstacles and sufferings in one’s life. Let us sing these Ganesha Bhajans and pray for the welfare of everyone!

Let us invite blessings and grace of Lord Ganesha by singing these Ganesha Bhajans.