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Swami Bhajans Tutor

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Consider the meaning of the name, Sai Baba. Sa means ‘Divine;’ ai or ayi means ‘mother’ and Baba means father. The Name indicates the Divine Mother and Father, just as Saamba-Shiva, which also means the Divine Mother and Father. Your physical parents exhibit Love with a dose of selfishness; but, this Sai “Mother and Father” showers affection or reprimands, only for leading you towards victory in the struggle for self-realisation. For, this Sai has come in order to achieve the supreme task of uniting the entire mankind, as one family through the bond of brotherhood, of affirming and illumining the Atmic Reality of each being in order to reveal the Divine which is the basis on which the entire Cosmos rests, and of instructing all to recognise the common Divine Heritage that binds man to man, so that man can rid himself of the animal, and rise into the Divine which is his goal. I am the embodiment of Love; Love is My instrument. There is no creature without Love; the lowest loves itself, at least. And its self is God. So, there are no atheists, though some might dislike Him or refuse Him, as malarial patients dislike sweets or diabetic patients refuse to have anything to do with sweets! Those who preen themselves as atheists will one day, when their illness is gone, relish God and revere Him. I had to tell you so much about My Truth, for, I desire that you should contemplate on this and derive joy therefrom, so that you may be inspired to observe the disciplines laid down by Me and progress towards the Goal of Self-realisation, the Realisation of the Sai that shines in your hearts. – Baba

Let us sing ‘Swami Bhajans’ glorifying our Divine Parent.