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Neela Suktam

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Nīḻā sūktam basically is a hymn to the goddess Neela Devi, who is considered as one of the three consorts of Lord Vishnu, along with Shree Devi and Bhu Devi. The sustenance aspect of creation is attributed to the Viṣṇu tattva. Bhagawan Sathya sai baba on many occasions told that one can attain Viṣṇu tattva by practicing the essence of all vedic wisdom – “Love All, Serve All”. The three stages of attaining visnu tatwa are symbolically depicted as the three apspects / consorts, viz. Shree Devi, Bhu Devi and Neela Devi.

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The inculcation of vairāgya bhāva (a sense of detachment) in ones sadhana bestows the aiśvarya of continuous closeness to God symbolized by Shree Devi. Attaining this aiśvarya will ensure that all wordly necessities too are taken care of. This enables one to imbibe patience and forbearance towards everyone symbolized by the Bhu tattva (Bhu Devi). Forbearance in turn will help one to be magnanimous, to overlook the shortcoming of others with a sense of warmth and embrace humanity at large (Neela Devi).

The Nīḻā sūktam is thus a prayer to the Goddess Neela Devi, seeking to grant us the sumana (mental and spiritual ability) to develop and practice audārya – sense of giving and forgiving.