Meanwhile, Sumanthra reached Ayodhya and conveyed Rama’s message that the people and ministers should make the Emperor happy and that Rama requested Bharata to maintain integrity and welfare amongst his subjects and also serve his parents. Dasaratha’s sorrow became more acute. Dasaratha breathed his last while repeating Rama’s name.

Gurus to explain to the children about how Dasaratha loved his son so deeply that he could not bear the thought of his beloved Rama being sent to the forest for 14 years and hence breathed his last. Parents’ love for their children is so selfless and unconditional that nothing is more important for them – not even their lives – than the welfare of their children. Value to be imbibed: Respect the love of parents and be grateful to them always

Bharatha and Shatrughna returned from their grandfather’s house and received the heart-breaking news. When Bharatha came to know about the exile of Rama and the plan to make him King being his mother’s desire, he hung his head in shame. He was asked by Vasishta to perform the last rites of his father. He wanted to bring back Rama to Ayodhya, so he went to the forest. He was accompanied by Shatrughna, the Queens, Vasishta and many others from Ayodhya.

Gurus to tell the children :By falling prey to Manthara’s poisonous scheming, Kaikeyi ruined her own life. She lost her husband, was chastised by her own son for her dreadful behavior and lost the love and respect of everyone around her Values to be imbibed: ABC of life is Avoid bad company and Always be careful / Do not allow your mind to get influenced by others –weigh the consequences before you embark upon your actions

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