Divine Life of Bhagwan Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Chapter III

  • Devotion And Spiritual Evolution
  • Gadadhar Comes to Kolkata
  • The Kali Temple At Dakshineswar
  • Sri Ramakrishna’s Arrival At Dakshineswar
  • Sri Ramakrishna’s Wisdom and Skill

Gadadhar Comes to Kolkata

At the age of sixteen, when Gadadhar came to Kolkata, he was entrusted with the duties of a priest, which he was glad to discharge. Here too by his simplicity, integrity of character, and winning manners he soon formed a circle of friends and admirers, all belonging to respectable families. But when, after some months, Gadadhar still showed no interest in his studies, Ramkumar naturally got annoyed, and one day took the boy aside and admonished him for his apathy towards education and his general indifference. “Brother, what shall I do with a mere bread-winning education?” was the spirited reply of the boy. “I would rather acquire that wisdom which will illumine my heart and getting which one is satisfied for ever.” Ramkumar could hardly understand the full import of this laconic answer, as he was quite ignorant of the phenomenal mental transformation of this wonderful boy, who now more than ever, realized that he was born for purposes different from those of the ordinary run of men. So Ramkumar was puzzled to hear the straight and pointed reply from his youngest brother. All his arguments to prevail upon the boy to pursue his studies with zeal and enthusiasm proved fruitless. He had therefore no alternative but to leave everything to the will of Raghuvir, until a new event, with far-reaching consequences in the life of young Gadadhar, came to pass in a most unexpected manner.

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