CHINNA KATHA Introduction

truthisgod(II)“Oka Chinna Katha” – When Bhagawan intercepts the speeding current of His Discourse with these three Telugu words, meaning , “One little story ” all ears are alert , all hearts are quivive. For, the story that follows is a flash that illumines, a shower that cools, a joke that tickles, a “tablet” that alleviates. The “Chinna Katha”, if only we ponder over its relevance, is an effective instrument in Bhagawan’s educational process. When He is discoursing, these parables and stories, ever on the wing, hover in flocks in the firmament of His Love; He lets a few fly into our hearts and nestle there, until we fondle and foster them and make them part of our thought and behaviour patterns..

– Late N. Kasturi, Prasanthi Nilayam

Chinna Kathas are inspiring, uplifting short stories narrated by Bhagavan during His Divine discourses. These have been included in our Balvikas syllabus to attract and inspire children, so that they may live up to the high moral and ethical values contained within them. These stories make a lasting impression on one’s mind and heart. Swami would often tell these Chinna Kathas to explain various spiritual facts in His discourses that everyone can understand and reflect.

truthisgod(II)Five such Chinna Kathas, narrated by Bhagavan in various discourses to elucidate moral and spiritual values, are given here in this section. Gurus may refer to Chinna Katha Part I and Part II and narrate more such stories in their Balvikas classes, appropriate to their students’ age and understanding levels.

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