Four boys were playing in a field one evening. As they came to a corner of the field, they heard a small voice coming from beneath the ground, “Dig and take me out. I will give you whatever you want.”

After digging the ground for some time the boys found a small, bright lamp. “I am Alladdin’s Magic Lamp,” it said. “Have you not heard of me? I can give you whatever you ask for. Now, tell me, what would each one of you like?”

The boy who replied first said, “I love to play. So, give me a cricket bat, ball and wickets and also some indoor games. The second boy replied, “Every day, my school teacher gives me homework. So, you come and do it for me.” The third boy said, “So many people beg on the road. Give enough money to all of them.” The last boy’s reply was quite different. He said, “Oh Magic Lamp, please vanish before you give us anything. God has given us eyes, ears, nose, tongue, hands and feet to do intelligent and hard work. We should make full use of them to make ourselves and others happy. Man’s greatness lies in his own effort. Why should we become beggars before you
and lose these gifts of God?”

The Magic Lamp liked the last boy’s wish most and vanished in a moment.


  1. What was wrong with the wishes of the first three boys? Give your opinion on each of them.
  2. Why did the Magic Lamp like the last boy’s reply?
  3. Suppose the Magic Lamp stands before you, what would you ask of it?
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