Once four men, a Persian, a Turk, an Arab and a Greek were standing in a village street. They were travelling together to a distant place, and were having an argument, because they had only one coin with them, and each wanted to spend it as he wished.

“I want to buy Angur!” said the Persian. “Inab! said the Arab. “No,” said the Turk, “We will buy Uzum with it.” “Nothing doing,” shouted the Greek, “We must buy Stafil with it.”

A wise man, who was passing by, heard them shouting. As he knew all their languages, he said, “Give me the coin, and I will satisfy you all.”

At first they did not believe him. But then they gave him the coin. He went to a fruit shop and bought four small bunches of grapes with that one coin.

“This is my Angur,” said the Persian. But this is what I call Uzum,” said the Turk. “You have brought me Inab,” Said the Arab. “No!” said the Greek, “In my language this is Stafil” Then they all realised that they were fighting because they did not understand the language of the other.

“Embodiments of the Divine! Having come here, there is only one thing which is most vital for all of you to recognise and understand. Forgetting all differences of race, religion, caste and creed, disregarding considerations of class and community, you must feel that all of you are children of one God.” [Bhagawan Baba’s Divine Discourse on 20th October 1988]

Yes indeed – There is only one God and we are all children of that one God. Cows are of many colours but milk is one. Stars are many but the sky is one. Nations are many but the earth is one. So also, God is one. EKAM SAT – VIPRAHA BAHUDAVADANTI say the Vedas; “Truth is one- the wise call it by different name.”

“He who is worshipped as Allah by Muslims,
As Jehovah by Christian aspirants,
As the Lotus-eyed Lord by the worshippers of Vishnu,
As Sambhu by those who revere Siva,
In whatever way He is worshipped, He gladly responds,
Grants the grace of fame and fortune,
And showers happiness and joy.
He is the One,
The Supreme Self. Know Him as Paramatma”
says our beloved Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba.
 Religion does not preach difference
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