Govinda Hare Bhajan

Govinda Hare Gopala Hare Hey Gopi Gopa Baala
Govinda Hare Gopala Hare Hey Murali Gaana Lola
Govinda Hare Gopala Hare Hey Radha Hrudaya Lola
Govinda Hare Gopala Hare Hey Nanda Gopa Baala

This is a bhajan in praise of Lord Krishna. He is Govinda, Gopala, child of cowherds (Gopi Gopa Bala), the Divine flute player (Murali Gaana Lola), dweller of Radha’s heart (Radha Hrudaya Lola), Cowherd Nanda’s son (Nanda Gopa Bala)

Govinda Hare – Explanation

GovindaName of Krishna; the herdsman – one who tends the cows
HareRefers to Lord Vishnu who is also known as Hari, the remover of illusion.
GopalaA name of Lord Krishna which means ‘He who tends the cows’. Means Protector of all beings
MuraliFlute; The one without ego, hollow
GanalolaGana – song; lola – one who revels in;
Ganalola – One who revels in songs
Radha HrudayaRadha Hrudaya – The heart of Radha;
Radha Hrudaya Lola – One who dwells in the heart of Radha
Nandagopa balaCowherd Nanda’s Son

Govinda Hare – Activity

The Story of Krishna’s Flute

Values Inculcated :

  • Listening Skills
  • Learning to Sacrifice to help others
  • Understanding varied emotions
  • Learning to selflessly Love God
  • Getting to know the finer aspects of story telling

Story :

Krishna used to spend many happy hours in the garden. He used to look at every single plant there and tell them “I love you!” The plants too used to swing with happiness and reply to Krishna, “I love you too Krishna”. Such was the love between the creator and the created.

One day, Krishna went to the garden and was looking worried as if he was looking for something. Looking at Krishna, The plants became worried. They thought, what happened to our Krishna today? The Bamboo was most worried and asked Krishna “Oh! Madhusoodhana, what makes you sad? Please tell me. What do you want? Allow me to help you.” Krishna said “It’s ok dear Bamboo. It’s not easy” The bamboo said “Oh Krishna, tell me. I can do anything for you. Do you know how much I love you? I love you more than anything in this world” Krishna looked at the Bamboo and said lovingly, “Oh! Bamboo, I will need everything of you. You will be cut and everything inside you will be removed. There will be nothing of you inside. It will be very hard on you. Not only that, I will have to drill a hole on you. Not one hole but many holes. It will be very painful for you! The Bamboo smiled and said “Dear Madhusoodhana, is that all. It is you who will be drilling the hole on me. Right? You will be touching me.Ah! The feel of your loving touch! I know you will be there with me and I with you. And that is all that matters to me. I can do anything for you Krishna. I am all yours. Please make use of me. Do not think twice. I love you Krishna. I love you so much”. Krishna then agreed to make a flute with the Bamboo. He lovingly placed it on His sweet lips and played music. And that’s how He also got the name Venu Gopal and Murali dhara.

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