Gratitude is a Divine quality and we see it in plenty in the actions of Swamiji.

Years ago, Baba with a group of devotees stayed at Horsley Hills. This picturesque place is 3800 feet above sea level.

gratitude_001Their camp situated amidst the hills was reachable only by jeep; so food and water had to be hauled up by the villagers from the small hamlets at the foot of the hills. A buffalo at the bungalow helped to transport water many times a day in skin bags slung across its back.

Every one enjoyed these happy, peaceful days spent with Baba, listening to His sweet words of Wisdom.

When the time came to return, Baba suggested that they all walk down together. Suddenly He stopped and said, “Wait, I will be back in a minute, I must take leave of that V.I.P.”  Some devotees quietly followed Baba and saw Him taking leave of the buffalo! He patted it affectionately saying, “You have done me good service Bangaroo.” (Bangaroo is a term of great affection meaning gold.)

Baba notices and is appreciative of even the tiniest act of service.

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