Group Activities form part of the primary five teaching techniques employed in the Balvikas classes. The term ‘Group Activity’ can be used to refer to an activity performed either at the thought level or emotional or action level by a group of persons, as a team. In the words of the Greek philosopher Plato, “You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” In our Balvikas classes as long as the Guru is teaching the class, each child attends as an individual, unaware of the presence of others; but as soon as group activities are introduced the children show a different trend of behaviour. There is excitement all around.

Uniqueness of Group Activity as a teaching technique

  1. A free atmosphere
  2. Provides ample scope for children to express their thoughts, ideas, opinions freely
  3. Allows participation of all students
  4. Allows for interplay and interaction so that learning proceeds from all directions
  5. To learn and unlearn
  6. Means of knowing the level of moral development and moral judgment in children.
  7. Helps the children incorporate the values into their lives, as part of their developing personalities.
  8. Gives children the opportunity to practice the values so that the values cease to be abstractions
  9. Can be organized both inside and outside the class
  10. Creates opportunities to sensitize children on environmental awareness.

Pointers for Gurus: while conducting Group activities

  1. Pre planning in terms of Value to be inculcated and Selection of a suitable activity
  2. Guru to be an observer and facilitator – no criticism or comment by the Guru during the activity
  3. Gurus to ensure that all children in the group participate
  4. Analysis at the end of the activity to know the impact
  5. Through discussion, gradually make children accept the value that needs to be inculcated.

The following are some of the group activities for Group I Balvikas classes:

  1. Role plays
  2. Attitude tests
  3. Quiz

Benefits of Group Activities

  1. Group activities create a feeling of oneness amongst the children. They develop Team Spirit
  2. They respect others and learn to resolve conflicts. Children become sensitive to the needs of others even before others express.
  3. Through Group activities, children are exposed to the values of sharing, helping, cooperation and healthy competition
  4. Interaction with others makes each child aware of his strengths and weaknesses
  5. Group activities develop independence and maturity in thinking and attitudes. They become more confident
Group Activities
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