Curriculum Highlights

  • Simple slokas of different deities
  • Select episodes from Ramayana & Mahabharatha and Namavali Bhajans/Value Songs
  • Stories of Saints/Prophets and unity of faiths
  • Life & Teachings of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba

On Completion

  • Applying the teachings of Bhagawad Gita in everyday life.
  • Understanding & appreciating the significant features and practices of other religions/celebrations of all festivals.
  • Learning to listen the voice of the conscience within and to discriminate between right and wrong.
  • Introduction to the role of the 5Ds ‘(i) Devotion, (ii) Discrimination, (iii) Discipline, (iv) Determination and (v) Duty’ in day to day life.
  • Accepting God as a mentor and Guru who is always watching us and guiding us.