Curriculum Highlights

  • Learning to see Divinity in everyone and everything around.
  • Learning to Introspect on the essence and purpose of this.
  • Human life (application of the Bhaja Govindam shlokas)
  • Pursuing to seek excellence in life and practice the necessary
  • Methodologies towards this pursuit (application of the Bhagawad Gita shlokas)

On Completion

  • Appreciating the inner significance and the unity / divinity
  • Amidst the diverse customs and varied cultural practices of our country
  • Practice, placing a ceiling on their desires.
  • Augmenting the skills required to shape up their personality, through management of thought, breath and time.
  • Properly discharging their duties at school, home and in society; Being loyal to and taking pride in their mother land.
  • Awakening social consciousness within through participation in community seva.
  • Develop better problem – solving and leader ship skills and understand the true purport of Life is a Game, Play it; Life is a Challenge, Meet it.
  • Attempting to imbibe the significance.