birth_of_rama Meghnada, Ravana’s son, was much enraged at the advancement of the Vanaras into the city. He was renowned as a warrior. So when the Vanaras saw him stringing his mighty bow, they lost the urge to fight. While Lakshmana and Meghnada fought, Meghnada aimed the supremely potent weapon Sakti, whch was gifted by Brahma, at the heart of Lakshmana. The weapon hit Lakshmana and he fell unconscious to the ground. But Hanuman lifted him up and brought him before Rama. Then Hanuman lifted the house of Sushena, the physician from Lanka, and brought him before Rama. Sushena said that a particular medicinal drug was available on the Sanjivani Hill near the Himalayas. It was needed to cure Lakshmana. So Hanuman immediately travelled to the Drona Mountain Range and reaching the Sanjeevani hill, looked for the herb. He could not immediately identify it among the plentiful vegetation on the hill. So he plucked the entire hill and leapt through the sky carrying it on his palm.

Gurus to tell children that Hanuman was not only endowed with supreme physical prowess but he was also the epitome of intellect and quick wit. When he could not identify the required medicinal herb in the hill, he did not sit and wonder what to do; he did not waste any time; he quickly thought of an alternate solution which was carrying the entire hill back to Lanka, as time was a crucial factor then. This quick thinking helped him save Lakshmana’s life and earned him blessings from Lord Rama. We too must not be indecisive and keep wasting time, when we are stuck with a problem. We must pray to God and quickly look for other ways to find a way out. Values to be imbibed: Time waste is life waste.

When Hanuman reached Lanka, Sushena secured the drugs he required and administered them on Lakshmana and Lakshmana regained consciousness. Rama embraced Lakshmana and was extremely happy. Rama blessed Sushena and said that He would protect him from any danger that came on his way.

Gurus to tell children that good acts are always rewarded. Also, each and every good act done by us makes Swami happy Values to be imbibed: Service to man is service to God / Please God Please Man

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