Harir Daata Sloka

Harir Daata Harir Bhokta
Harir Annam Prajaapatih
Harir Vipra Shareerastu
Bhunkte Bhojayate Harih

Hari, the Lord of all beings, is the giver, the enjoyer and the food itself. The body of the Vipra (one whose has become illumined with the brightness of Divine knowledge and wisdom) is Hari. Hari is the one who eats and also the one who feeds.

Harir Daata Sloka – Explanation

HariLord Vishnu, Hari is one who takes away all the sufferings
Harir BhoktaHari is the enjoyer
Harir AnnamHari is the food
PrajaProgeny or creation
PatihThe one who protects
Harir Vipra ShareerastuAll creations are part of that powerful body of the Lord
BhojayateThe food that I eat

Harir Daata Sloka – Activity

Activity : Healthy Food & Junk Food Musical Chairs Game

Guru to discuss about food and eating habits with children before starting the game.

The key points to be highlighted are as follows;

  • If you don’t wash your hands before you eat, the dirt from your hands goes into your stomach. It will make you ill.
  • You are strong and healthy because your mother cooks good, clean food.
  • She gives you clean, boiled water to drink.
  • Being clean and tidy keeps you healthy.
  • We must eat all vegetables and fruits.
  • We must avoid junk and fast food.
  • When we offer food to God before we eat, it becomes prasad.
  • Show fruit and vegetable chart to explain good and healthy food.

Materials Required : Chart, Sketch or Marker, chairs, music system (or guru can sing bhajans)

Preparatory efforts: Cut the chart into 4 equal strips. Write the name of healthy and junk food dishes.

  • Example:
  • Healthy dishes : vegetable soup, milk, curd, cut fruits, rajma pulav, roti, salads, sundal, sprouts, tender coconut, etc.,
  • Junk food dishes : Burger, Noodles, Tinned food, Soft drinks, etc

This game is similar to Musical Chairs. The number of chairs in this game is always equal to the number of children playing. Under each chair, the name of a healthy food or a junk food is placed with face down. The children begin to run/walk when the music starts. When music stops, they sit on the chairs. The child sitting on the junk food is out of the game. The game continues.
Note : The number of chart strips should be equal to number of children.

Harir Daata Sloka – Further Reading

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