Health – is defined as a State of being free from illness or injury is called health. Hygiene-Conditions and Practices conducive to maintaining health and reventing disease, especially through cleanliness.

Health and Hygiene
Health and Hygiene

Why Health and Hygiene in Group I:

    • Health is a function, not only of medical care, but also of the overall integrated development of society in its spiritual, cultural, social, educational, psychological aspects and is supported by diet, environment and health education.
    • Teaching the correct principles of health and hygiene should begin at as early an age as possible.
    • It will help to prevent the spread of infections and diseases that can damage the digestive tract,
      respiratory tract, and the external features of the body.
    • Also the scriptures state that this body is a boat to cross the ocean of samsara, an instrument
      for doing virtuous deeds and attaining moksha.
    • Hence, for spiritual pursuits, good health is a must.
      1. Balanced diet combined with
      2. proper eating patterns,
      3. good sleep,
      4. physical exercise,
      5. respect for the human body,
      6. keeping things in a neat and tidy manner,
      7. wholesome mental attitudes and
      8. developing good habits

– all these form integral part of wholesome health and hygiene program

  • Health and hygiene guidelines immediately after sessions on mind-elevating and soul-uplifting
    moral stories and bhajans, make a deeper impression on the child’s mind.
  • Ideally such sessions should be held atleast once a month.

Salient features of Health and Hygiene programme to be taught to Group I children in Balvikas class:

  • Sleep – Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.
  • Right amount of sleep helps us concentrate better.
  • Chant the night prayer for a good sleep.
  • Exercise – Play outside as much as possible.
  • Don’t play on the computer or watch TV for long hours.
  • Learn Simple Yoga techniques from a good Yoga instructor
  • Eat right – Eat a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Do not eat too much of sweets and chocolates and carbonated drinks
  • Instead eat fruits and vegetables and drink milk and fruit juices
  • Do not skip Breakfast.
  • Do not waste food.
  • It is important to chew food well and eat
  • Table manners is very important – You must eat food without spilling food all around the plate
    and everywhere around you
  • You must be silent while eating food
  • Never talk with your mouth full of food
  • Never make noises while eating
  • You must eat with your mouth closed.
  • Offer food to God before eating as a “Prasad” to Him
  • Water – Drink adequate amount of clean, boiled water
  • Keep the body clean – “Deho Devalayam” – Body is the temple of God.
  • Have daily bath. If we do not take regular bath, outside dust will remain
    stuck to the skin with the sweat which will result in a skin disease.
    Our body will have a bad smell and nobody will like our company.
  • Use soap and plenty of water for a nice bath. Also, rub the body while bathing.
  • After bath, use a clean towel to dry the body. The Guru must impress upon the children need for
    taking a bath regularly.
  • Prayer – Just as bath is important to clean the body, regular prayer is important to cleanse the mind.
  • Hair cleanliness – Wash your hair regularly.
  • Keep it neat by oiling and combing / brushing daily
  • Keep hair free of head lice etc
  • Dental Hygiene – We must brush our teeth regularly in a proper manner.
  • The food we eat remains stuck in our teeth. After sometime, it starts decaying resulting
    in bad breath. Decaying fosters bacteria formation. Soon our teeth get infected and fall off.
    Without teeth we can’t eat our food. Therefore, we must brush our teeth morning and night to
    keep them clean and shining bright.
  • We should visit the dentist regularly.
  • Nails – Trim nails regularly. Keep nails short and clean.
  • Do not bite nails.
  • Hand Washing – Wash hands before and after eating, after using the toilet and after handling animals.
  • Foot care – Do not go out without wearing proper footwear. Always wash legs and feet after playing outside
    of the house.
  • Wear clothes that are washed with soap and water.
  • Dirty and soiled clothes should be removed immediately and segregated for washing
  • EYE CARE:Keep the eyes clean by washing them with clean water.
  • Washing eyes at bed time is very good, as it removes the dirt and dust collected throughout the day.
  • Always use a clean cloth to wipe the eyes.
  • Do not use saris, dhoti or sleeves of clothes to wipe eyes. These may cause serious infection in the eyes.
    Infection spreads this way.
  • Each person should use a separate cloth, towel or handkerchief for wiping his eyes.
    If one eye is already infected, use a separate clean cloth for each eye.
  • Show any infection to a doctor. Do not use medicine given by road-side sellers.
    These may not help and may even cause blindness.
  • Eat dark green leafy vegetables like Amaranth, Agathi, Spinach, drumstick leaves and fruits
    like papaya and mangoes. These contain Vitamin A which prevents night blindness and are very
    good for eyes.
  • Children, who complain of headache or eye pain when they read, may need glasses
    and they have to get their eyes examined by a doctor.
  • Do not stay near and look at welding, grinding, chiselling or wood sawing operations.
  • A sharp ray of light source, [e.g. Looking at eclipse or welding] without proper glasses
    also leads to blindness.
  • If your eyes are red, you need to see your doctor immediately.
  • Do not play with sharp objects which will cause injury to eyes.
  • Eyes are gifts from God. SEE ONLY GOOD
  • Allow your mother, father to clean your ears using a clean cloth after bath.
  • Ear ache could be due to excess wax in your ear or due any infection.
    See your doctor if pain persists
  • Ears are gifts from God. HEAR ONLY GOOD
  • For THROAT and NOSE related problems such as sore throat, cough, stuffy nose etc,
    drink warm water and gargle with salted water.
  • Steam inhalation also could be effective.
  • Cover your cough and sneeze – use a tissue. Put used tissues in the dust bin.
  • Meet your ENT doctor along with your parents for persistent throat related problems.
Health and Hygiene


Eat at regular intervals, according to a well-established time table, Move about and fill the day with activity, so that food is well digested – Bhagawan Baba – October 12, 1969, P.N

The elementary rules of personal cleanliness are neglected in the name of “novelty and neospiritualism.” Bath is given a go by. Oral hygiene is not cared for. Damaging habits are cultivated and tolerated. The mouth is the gateway of the physical mansion. If the gateway is foul, what can we say of the residence and the inmates! Unkempt, disheveled, dirty heads and bodies denote unkempt, disheveled intellects and minds. – Bhagawan Baba – October 16, 1974, P.N

“Rajasic food enrages the emotions; Thamasic food induces sloth and sleep; Sathwic food satisfies but does not inflame the passions or sharpen the emotions.”

Health and Hygiene

What should we chant while eating: listen to the divine guidelines : (Click on the audio clip below)

Why should we not watch tv while eating : listen to Bhagawan : (Click on the audio clip below)


Suggested Class Activities for Group I Balvikas class regarding Good
Food and Right Habits of Eating

Activity 1

The Gurus can explain the various components of food like Carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, fibres, etc. Form children in groups and ask them to discuss the importance of each component, Collect pictures of different categories of food from old magazines, newspapers And make a food pyramid chart by sticking the pictures. Each group can concentrate on one category. Sample picture of a healthy vegetarian food pyramid and healthy habits is given below:

Activity 2
Gurus can collect pictures of healthy foods, junk foods, roadside foods. Each child to pick one picture a random, classify them under the right category and say why he/she thinks that food should be included or avoided depending on the picture chosen. As a sample exercise, in the box below are given pictures of both healthy and unhealthy foods. Pictures of two baskets named “healthy” and “unhealthy” are also given below. Children can be asked to pick up the pictures of foods and drop them into the right baskets

Activity 3
Gurus can assist, guide children in making fruit Salad in class. Discuss the benefit of each of the fruits while performing this activity. Also explain how when all fruits are mixed they taste delicious. Explain that God’s creation is beautiful and when all of us stay united and without hatred, the World will be a
wonderful place to live. Gurus can teach the song “All things bright and beautiful” [LYRICS OF THE SONG GIVEN AT THE END OF DOCUMENT]

Dental Hygiene
If possible, Gurus can invite a dentist or a dental college student to address the Group I children on dental hygiene, right way of brushing, dental flossing, gum-care etc.

See Good, Hear Good, Do Good
Teach children the value song “Be Careful little eyes what you see” [LYRICS OF THE SONG GIVEN AT THE END OF DOCUMENT]


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