In the village of Bikkatti in the NILGIRI HILLS lived a lame dog called “KUTTAN – meaning the lame one”. He was a very old and loving dog, yet alert where strangers were concerned.

gratitude_001Baba visited the village and walked down the carpets laid out for Him. Kuttan had been tied by the side lest he jump on baba and he was straining at the leash. Baba stopped and patted him and asked that he be untied saying, “Bangaroo! Leave him alone, he is pure atma.” So Kuttan followed Baba up the dias, sat down and listened to the bhajans, and later followed him into the kitchen where Baba, after blessing the food and asked that Kuttan be fed first! When he finished his meal, he walked up the decorated dais and stood beside Baba’s chair, watching the long line of villagers having their food. After a while Kuttan placed his head upon Baba’s footstool and within a few minutes breathed his last. .

Everyone knew that this was a pure soul and he was buried near the dais in a flower-decked shroud.

kuttan 2kuttan 3
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