Manojavam Sloka

Manojavam Maaruta Tulya Vegam
Jitendriyam Buddhi Mataam Varishtam
Vaataatmajam Vaanara Yootha Mukhyam
Sri Raama Dootam Sharanam Prapadhye

Lord Hanuman, the son of Vaayu, is as swift as the wind. He has controlled His sense organs, and is the most intelligent among the intelligent ones. He is the chief of the army of monkeys and the messenger of Lord Rama. I surrender to Thee.

Manojavam – Explanation

ManojavamWhose speed is like the mind
Tulyalike, equal
JitendriyamOne who has conquered his sense organs
Buddhi Mataam VarishtamThe most intelligent among the intelligent persons
AtmajamBorn of, Son
YoothaFlock, herd, tribe
MukhyamThe head, the chief, the ruler
Sri Raama DoothamThe messenger, the one who carries messages for Sri Rama
PrapadhyeI take resort to

Manojavam Sloka – Activity

Aim of the activity – To make the group I children understand the importance of Namasmarana and how the Lord’s name can protect us at all times and help us accomplish the most difficult tasks.

Materials required – Beads, strings, scissors

Japamala Making Activity

Gurus should narrate stories from the life of Lord Hanuman explaining how He was able to accomplish the most difficult tasks by taking the name of Lord Rama. Explain to the children that doing any activity by taking the name of the Lord gives us the necessary courage, determination and intelligence to perform that task with ease and confidence.

  1. Distribute 27 beads (it could be 26 regular beads and one Guru Bead that is slightly bigger or of a different color than the regular one) and a string to every Child.
  2. On a flat and clean surface, ask them to place the 27 beads for stringing.
  3. Tie the End Knot in the string and ask each Child to thread the beads starting with the first bead.
  4. Ask them to slowly add the beads to the string chanting Jai Shri Ram continuously with every bead stringing.
  5. Once the 26 beads are done, the Gurus should help the children with the Guru bead and the tassel.

Debriefing – Suggested Questions

  1. Did you enjoy the activity?
  2. Do you think the Japamalas that you have made is charged with positive energy? Why?
  3. What happens when we do any activity by taking the name of the Lord?

Here the focus should be on chanting the name of the Lord during the entire course of the activity. At the end of the class the japa malas can be handed over to the children to be kept in their altar. The children can be asked to chant any mantra of their choice – the Gayatri Mantra or Om Shri Sairam or Aum Namah Shivaya or Jai Shri Ram 27 times everyday. The children can be asked to do specific chantings like Shri Ganeshaya Namaha on Ganesh Chaturthi 108 times (27*4) using this Japamala.

Manojavam Sloka – Further Reading

STORY (related to Strotra)

Lord Hanuman, the son of Anjani and the wind God or Vayu, is well known as the messenger of Lord Rama. He carried the message in the most critical time, when no other person than Hanuman could have saved the situation. Therefore, he is known as Ramadootam, Messenger of Lord Rama. And why did Rama choose him as messenger and none else? When so many other monkeys were at His service? It is because Hanuman was Buddhimatam Varishtham – the most intelligent among the cleverest.

When Vibhishana surrendered to Lord Rama and expressed his wishes to join Rama’s side in the war, it was Hanuman whose advice was sought by the Lord. Rama asked Hanuman what was to be done with Vibhishana.

When Lakshmana fainted and the herb Sanjeevani was to be brought from Dronachala mountain, before the sunrise, it was only Hanuman who could travel as the mind, and reaching the mountain could come back on time. When search for Sita was to be made, it was Hanuman again who could cross the ocean in one gigantic leap and reach Lanka.

But the most wonderful job Hanuman did was when he had to give message to Bharata. Since Rama had to go to Kishkindha and accept the hospitality of Sugriva, he was delayed in reaching Ayodhya. Here Bharata having waited for fourteen years, was not ready to wait for single moment more. He was about to enter the fire and end his life. At such critical moment, and in such short time only Hanuman could travel on time and save Bharata’s life. So, he was sent again and Hanuman did the job well.

Such a great hero Hanuman, we must bow every morning.


After the coronation one day, Sita and three brothers of Rama met and planned to exclude Hanuman from seva of Rama and wanted that all the various service for Rama should be divided among themselves. They felt that Hanuman had enough chances already. So, they drew up a list, as exhaustive as they could remember, of the services from dawn to dusk, down to the smallest minute and assigned each item to one among themselves. They presented the list of items and assignees to the Lord, while Hanuman was present. Rama heard about the new procedures, read the list and gave His approval with a smile. He told Hanuman that all the tasks had been assigned to others and that he could now take rest. Hanuman prayed that the list must be read and when it was done, he noticed an omission – the task of ‘snapping fingers when one yawns’. Of course, being an emperor, Lord Rama should not be allowed to do it himself. It has to be done by a servant, he pleaded Rama. Rama agreed to allot that task to Hanuman.

It was great piece of luck to Hanuman, for it entitled his constant attendance on his Master, for how could anyone predict when the yawn would come? And, he had to be looking on that heart-charming face all the time, to be ready with a snap, as soon as the yawn was on. He could not be away even for a minute, nor could he relax for a moment. You must be happy that the Seva of Lord keeps you always in His presence and ever vigilant to carry out His behests.

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