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Repetition is an important element of learning, and one way to repeat content is through quizzes. Quizzes can be used in Balvikas classes to motivate children to learn, and to help them recall whatever they have learned. At the same time, Quizzes enable the Balvikas Guru to assess the extent of the children’s understanding of the lessons handled in the class.


  • Multiple choice quiz: Students have to pick the right answer from the four or five possible answers already given for each question.
  • True or false quiz: Only one specific answer to the question is given and the student has to state whether the answer is true or false.
  • Question and answer quiz: Students have to answer the question based on a hint embedded within the question. No external clues such as multiple answers or pictures etc are provided.
  • Picture quiz: Students have to relate the picture to the quiz question and accordingly answer the quiz question.
  • Audio / Video quiz: Students have to relate the audio / video clip that is played, to the quiz question and accordingly give the right answer.
  • Sequencing quiz: Students have to organize the correct sequence from the jumbled version to give the answer.
  • Rapid fire quiz: Series of questions need to be answered within a stipulated time span.


  • Motivates students to “want to” learn.
  • Helps students to retrieve information from memory and such retrieval turns out to be a memory-aid
  • When students miss a question in a quiz, they are more likely to be motivated to pay attention to that topic in the class when it comes up, so they do not miss that question again.
  • In quizzes based on a set of questions and answers already given to students to learn and be prepared for the quiz, it helps them to see what they already know and don’t know.
  • Builds a competitive spirit amongst the students.
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