IT was 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The sky was dark with clouds and a shower of rain had made the roads wet. The school-bell rang and groups of students came rushing out of the school-gate to reach home as early as possible.

By the side of the school-gate, an old woman had been standing for a long time. She wanted to cross the road. But being drenched in the rain, her weak and aged body was shivering in the cold weather. She did not dare walk on the slippery road without someone’s help. But none among the passers-by cared to help her. Many of the school children, too, were there, but they hurried without giving her any attention.

At last came Mohan whose healthy body showed that he was a good sportsman. He was captain of the school’s football team. As soon as he stepped out of the school-gate, he saw the helpless old lady. As he stood there looking at her for some time, he became thoughtful and sad. He did not hear even his friends calling him loudly to join them on the playground. Slowly, he went to the old woman and asked her in a sweet, loving tone, “Mother, you are weak and shivering in this cold. May I help you?”

The old woman’s face brightened up with hope and joy. Till a moment ago, she felt that she was alone and uncared for in this world. Now, here was a boy who lovingly called her “Mother” and even offered to help her. She said, “My dear son, could you help me to cross this slippery road? My home is just there on the other side, behind that shop.” Mohan put the old woman’s trembling hand around his own neck and said, “Come, mother. Walk slowly, 1 am with you till you reach home”.

As the two walked together, the old woman was speaking lovingly to Mohan, praising him, blessing him, praying for him and asking him about his own parents and home. When Mohan bade her goodbye at her doorstep, she lifted both her hands and said with tears of gratitude in her eyes, “May God bless you, my son. May he always keep you happy”.

Mohan felt a new strength and joy within him. When he joined his friends, they asked him why he took so much trouble to help an old lady whom he did not know at all. “I helped her because 1 felt that she must be somebody’s mother”, said Mohan in all seriousness. “Why should Y0U help the mother of somebody else?” asked one friend. “Because, someday, someone may help my mother when she gets old and when 1 am not by her side to help her”.

The boys were much impressed by Mohan’s reply. “Mohan seems to be very proud of his mother” said the friend again. “Of course, 1 am” said Mohan. “One who is not proud of his mother can never be a good man”.


  1. Why should one love one’s mother as Mohan did?
  2. What made the old woman happy? What made Mohan happy?
  3. Describe any good act you did to make your own parents at home happy.
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