Namastestu Sloka – Audio

Namastestu Mahaamaaye
Shripeetthe Sura Poojite
Shankha Chakra Gadaa Haste
Shri Mahaalakshmi Namostute
I bow down at Thy Lotus feet. Thou art the destroyer of delusion and the source of prosperity, who is worshipped by all the Gods, who is holding in her hands, the conch- shell, the discus and the club. O Mahalakshmi, I bow down to Thy Lotus feet.

Namastestu Sloka – Explanation

NamastestuI bow down to such a one
MaayeRemover or destroyer of delusion
ShriWealth, prosperity
PeettheSeated upon
SuraDevas, Gods
PoojiteWorshipped by
ShankhaThe conch shell which represents sound
ChakraThe wheel, which represents the wheel of time
GadaMace. It represents strength
HasteIn the hands
LakshmiThe feminine aspect of Purusha which means His grace.
It is good luck, success, splendour, lustre
NamostuteI bow down to you

Namastestu Sloka – Activity

  • Namastestu Sloka – Pebbles or Coins
  • Lotus Colouring Sheets

Namastestu Sloka – Further Reading


When the Gods and demons were churning the ocean, in search of the Divine Nectar, of immortality, they found fourteen jewels one after the other. At one stage, while they were yet churning, there appeared Goddess Lakshmi, the daughter of the Ocean, she was beauty personified, fully decorated with lovely jewels. She had a vaijayantimala, the garland of Vaijayanti flowers (kind of Lotus) in her hands. As soon as the Gods and demons saw her, they had desire to marry her. They kept looking at her eagerly, to find out whom would she choose as her husband. The goddess looked around, but did not set her heart upon any one of them. Then she saw Lord Vishnu, who was resting upon Sesha and was not concerned about the worldly matters. He did not even care to look at her, what of desiring then? He was ever contained and blissful within Himself. Seeing Lord Vishnu detached to the worldly matters, Goddess Lakshmi thought him to be the right person to be her husband. So, she went to him and putting her garland round his neck, accepted him as her husband. Thus she acquired the seat of Shree (prosperity). As Lord Vishnu is possessing all Shrees such as Bhagyashree, Rajashree, Jayashree, etc., Being the consort of Lord Vishnu, she became the controller of the conch, that is power of creating sounds, the chakra., the control over the wheel of time, the Padma or Lotus is the mind and the hearts of all beings and Gada, the mace, that is the strength that protects the world. Since then she was known as Maya of the Lord. That is the feminine Prakriti aspect of Purusha. Thus she is worshipped even by Gods and sages.

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