Om Sarva Mangala Sloka – Audio

Om Sarva Mangala Mangalye
Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike
Sharanye Tryambake Gauri
Naaraayani Namostute

Thou art the all auspicious spouse of Shiva, the bountiful. I prostrate at Thy feet. O, the feminine aspect of the Lord with three eyes, sister of Lord Vishnu, one with fair complexion. This prayer is addressed to Mother Parvati.

Om Sarva Mangala Sloka – Explanation

Om Sarva Mangala MangalyeAll auspicious
ShiveSpouse of Lord Shiva
SarvaarthaAll kinds of wealth
SaadhikeGiver of success
SharanyeThe one to whom all have surrendered
TryambakeGoddess Parvathi, the feminine aspect of the Lord with three eyes
GauriThe one with fair complexion
NaaraayaniSister of Lord Vishnu
NamostuteI bow down to such one

Om Sarva Mangala Sloka – Activity

  1. Gurus to explain the shloka with the complete meaning.
  2. Gurus to write on a board the key phrases from the meaning of the Shloka – Example – Auspicious, all kinds of wealth, spouse of Shiva, sister of Lord Vishnu, giver of success, etc.
  3. Then ask one girl to role play goddess Parvati (Guru may choose to dress up one child as Parvati) or alternatively keep a picture of Goddess Parvati.
  4. Other Children individually or in groups of 2 or 3 depending on the strength of the class are asked to write their own prayer incorporating some or all the key phrases given on the board. Example of such a prayer could be – “O Mother, You are the spouse of Lord Shiva, sister of Vishnu, Please grant me all success”. Another Example could be – “O Auspicious one, I surrender to you. Please give me all kinds of wealth.”
  5. The children are then asked to learn their respective prayers and enact this prayer one by one or group by group by chanting it with devotion while offering a flower to Goddess Parvati.

This is a wonderful activity that enables the children to understand and remember the meaning of the Shloka. This is meant to be a fun and light exercise to build up devotion for the goddess and also understand the values the Goddess/shloka represents. Care should be taken to not overwhelm the child with complicated words.

After this exercise all the children may be asked to chant this prayer along with the meaning in class.

Om Sarva Mangala Sloka – Further Reading


Goddess Parvati has motherly affection for her devotees. She is auspicious and blesses her devotees by removing their delusion and protecting them.

Once a Brahmin boy named Narendranath was bathing in the river Yamuna. Suddenly there came a crocodile and caught hold of the boy. The boy began to call the Goddess Parvati. He cried in such a sympathetic tone, that the Goddess on Kailash Mountain was moved. She came rushing to the spot. She showered all Her strength, knowledge and auspiciousness upon him in order to save the boy. The strength of her austerity was so great that it made the boy shine with effulgence which the crocodile could not stand. The crocodile left Narendranath and disappeared in the water.

We are all like Narendranath caught by the crocodile of delusion, while trying to swim the waters of worldly ocean. If we pray Goddess Parvati, who is auspiciousness, mercy and bliss, then she bestows upon us such strength that helps us to escape the delusion and to get liberation.

[Source: Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas Guru Handbook Group I ]

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