KIRAN was the only son of his parents. He was obedient and well-behaved at home and at school. He won the love of his elders and teachers by his gentle behavior and pleasing manners.

honesty 1

Though only ten years old, Kiran took a keen interest in what his parents did. His father, who was a district judge, was well known for his honesty and justice. His mother was deeply devoted to God, kind and helpful to the needy. Kiran loved his parents and was proud of them. But he always wondered why they gave so much attention and importance to God. Now and then, he would ask his mother “Ma, why should Pitaji go to Shivaji’s temple every Sunday and join the sathsang like an ignorant villager? What do you gain Ma, by your meditation with closed eyes every morning and every night? Why do you do that endless pooja with manthras and prayers to Durga Devi every day? Can’t you both use your leisure better?”

honesty 1

Kiran’s mother would only smile in reply. She would silently pray: “Durga-Ma, Kiran is ignorant but innocent. Please bless him with faith and devotion.”

One evening, when Kiran returned home from school, his neighbours gave him shocking news. His father had been knocked down by a running car and he had been lying unconscious in the hospital since morning.

As Kiran was rushing out to the hospital, his eyes fell upon the idol of Durga Devi beautifully decorated with flowers by his mother. Had he not heard his mother often say “Oh! Durga Devi is Shakti-Mata. She is the mother of all living beings. She is all-powerful”. With folded hands and tears in his eyes, Kiran came near the idol and prayed “Durga-Ma, you know that I cannot live for a moment without Pitaji. Please save his life.” As he bowed low, he picked up a red flower from the deity’s feet and left.

honesty 1

Very Soon Kiran was by his father’s side. He was on the point of crying as he saw his father lying unconscious. But when he looked at his mother, all his fear and anxiety vanished. Closing her eyes, she sat deeply absorbed in meditation and prayer. Kiran saw a soft glow of peace and confidence on her face which made her look almost holy. He softly whispered to her: “Ma. I have brought this flower from Durga-Ma’s lotus feet for Pitaji.” As she opened her eyes, Kiran gave the red flower to his mother.

honesty 1

Kiran’s father soon showed signs of slowly regaining consciousness. The doctors who came and examined him said “He is out of danger. He is saved.” Kiran’s prayer, along with that of his mother, had been answered.

Kiran learnt a great lesson from this experience. His father, who returned home from the hospital after a month, saw a remarkable change in his son. Kiran would join his mother in meditation and even help her in pooja during the holidays. Now and then, he would go with his father to the temple too. When School studies were over, he would be reading simple books on the life of holy men like Swami Vivekananda, Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha.

Kiran had now realized that faith, devotion and prayer have healing power. They fill our hearts with hope, strength and courage. They put us on the right path and fill our hearts with peace, contentment and joy.


  1. Describe in your words a good boy-student or a girl-student (10 lines).
  2. Why should we have faith and devotion?
  3. What do you think would have happened if Kiran wanted God’s help in passing his examination? Would he not have to work hard?
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