ravanas_end Ravana rushed to the battlefield to conclude the long drawn fight against Rama and his army. Ravana wanted to perform a ritual called ‘Patalahoma’ which would ensure his victory over Rama. But warned by Vibhishana, Rama ordered Angada and Hanuman to ensure that the Homa could not be performed. Ravana’s army was simply annihilated. Then Rama asked the Vanaras to take rest and watch the fight between himself and Ravana. Soon Ravana came roaring and it was at this time Rama asked Ravana to listen to what He said. He said, “There are three types of persons. The first is like the patali tree which blooms finely, but the blossoms do not turn into fruits. Those who indulge in mere speech and do not practice a mite of what they talk are of this type. The second group is like the plantain tree. It gives flowers and fruits, both. Those who speak and act, practice what they assert, are of this type. The third type is like the jack tree – it has no flowers, it has only fruits.” Rama said that the best persons are those who work silently and do not boast. Rama told Ravana that his immoral rule led to the ruin of his entire race.

Gurus to explain that we should learn to work silently. We should not boast, we should never expect anything in return for the work that we have done. Gurus to narrate the episode Cheppinattu Chestara from our Swami’s life Values to be imbibed: An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching. Duty is God, Work is Worship

Ravana abused and shot arrows at Rama, but Rama used the ‘Fire Arrow; that burnt to ashes the arrows of Ravana. Whenever Rama sliced off the heads of Ravana, new heads grew up.

Gurus to explain that bad habits and negative qualities, once acquired do not go away so easily. When we try to conquer one bad habit, another one crops up and we are caught in a vicious cycle. So, we have to be very careful with forming good habits and values right from our young age as otherwise it will be a big struggle in our later years. Values to be imbibed: ABC of life is Always be careful / Be good, see good, Do good/ Start early, Drive slowly, Reach safely

The battle lasted for eighteen days. There were a few more days left before the fourteen years of exile was to end. The Gods knew that the end of the Rakshasas was near and they gathered overhead to witness the triumph of Righteousness. When Rama shot a bunch of arrows at Ravana, it sliced off his heads and hands. Ravana thus lost his life at the hands of Rama. The day was the fourteenth of the bright half of the Chaitra month. All the Vanaras were happy and wondered at the might and splendor of Rama.

Gurus to explain to children: No matter how much evil tries to win over good, it fails. But until then, we must keep persisting with our good values. We should not lose patience, but keep up our determination and perseverance and try to overcome our negative qualities. Gurus can explain how children can always be good “Help ever hurt never, Love all Serve all, ABC, of life is Avoid bad company, See Good, Do good etc” by following such divine directions, we will always be good throughout our lives Values to be imbibed: Follow the master – Face the devil – Fight to the end – Finish the Game.

After Ravana’s death, Rama asked Lakshmana, Sugriva, Jambavana and Angada to take Nala, Nila and others to Lanka and install Vibhishana as the king of Lanka. Hanuman was sent to give Sita the happy news of the defeat of Ravana by Rama. Soon Sita was brought before Rama.

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