Rama and Sita were now reunited. And with their exile period now coming to an end, it was time to return to Ayodhya. Bharatha was overwhelmed with joy to learn of Rama’s arrival. He reached Ayodhya from Nandigrama to make all preparations for Rama’s arrival. He collected the sages, preceptors, the leading citizens and with the three queens, walked forward with Shatrughna at his side to meet Rama. The brothers fell flat on the ground before Rama in reverential homage. The entire city was bursting with excitement and joy. When they entered the palace, Vasishta announced that on a particular date, Rama would be crowned king of Ayodhya. On that day, Rama prostrated before Vasishta and other sages, fell at the feet of the queen mothers and ascended the throne, with Sita following him.

Gurus to explain to children: When Lord Rama enters Ayodhya there is celebration, festive spirit, decorations and joy all around. Similarly when we welcome God into our hearts, we must keep our hearts pure and clean, decorate it with the values and virtues which please God.
Value to be imbibed: Being aware of the human values within us and
putting into practice, these values, in our daily lives is the essence of Educare.

[Gurus to map the festival of Diwali with this episode and give the details of how the people of Ayodhya celebrated the return of Lord Rama to Ayodhya by lighting lamps all over the kingdom. The inner significance of the lighting of lamps – that is victory of good over evil / wisdom over ignorance, can be explained depending on the age-group and comprehension levels of students.]

Thus began the period of Ram-Rajya, which was marked by the practice of truth and righteousness and resulted in peace and happiness of the people.

[Story Narrative adapted from: Ramakatha Rasa Vahini for children – Parts I, II & III ]

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