Shaila Girishwara Bhajan

Shaila Girishwara Uma Maheshwara
Kashi Vishweshwara SadaShiva
SadaShiva SadaShiva SadaShiva Shambho SadaShiva

This is a bhajan in praise of Lord Shiva. He is the Lord of Shailagiri, Consort of Uma (Parvati), Lord of the Vishwa (universe) and the form of the Lord installed in the Kashi Temple. He is eternally auspicious and spreads joy and auspiciousness.

Shaila Girishwara – Explanation

Shaila girishwara The lord of Mount Himalayas
Uma maheshwara Consort of Uma (Parvati)
Kashi Visweshwara Kashi is a holy place near Varanasi; Vishweshwara – Lord of the Vishwa (Universe), The God in Kashi temple
Sadashiva Refers to Lord Shiva, ‘sada’ – always and ‘shiva’ – auspicious; Sadashiva – Eternally auspicious
Shambho One who spreads auspiciousness, joy

Shaila Girishwara – Activity

Activity : Joining Dots (Shiva Lingam Rangoli)

Materials Required : A4 sheet, pencil and crayons/colour pencils.
Preparatory Efforts: Gurus can draw the dots on the A4 sheet and take multiple copies. Also be ready with one sample Rangoli.

Shaila Girishwara – Further Reading

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