King Janaka had a daughter named Sita. One day, Years ago, when Sita was young, while playing with her friends, She found that her toy had rolled beneath the long box in which the Siva Bow was kept. Everyone tried to recover it but failed. Sita pushed aside the box with her tender hand and recovered her toy much to the astonishment of Janaka. Hence Janaka had decided that whoever could string the Bow would receive Sita’s hand in marriage.

When the Bow was brought, Janaka invited those assembled to try their best to string the Bow. At Vishwamitra’s command, Rama lifted the cover of the bow with his left hand.

Gurus to tell children: Like Lord Rama, when we are at school or at any place with our teachers or elders, we must must always wait for our teachers’ / elders’ permission before doing anything.
Values to be imbibed: Obedience and Reverence to Gurus and elders.

With his right hand, he easily lifted the bow and stringed it. He fixed an arrow and as he drew the string back to release it, the Bow snapped with a loud sound. Janaka went to Viswamitra, fell at his feet and admitted that Rama did have the Divine power and he requested Viswamitra if he would agree to arrange for his daughter Sita to be married to Rama. Dasaratha was immediately informed. He gladly gave his consent and came to Mithila with his people.

Gurus to tell children: Before taking important decisions in life, we must discuss the matter with our parents and obtain their permission and blessings.
Values to be imbibed: Obedience and Reverence to Parents.

The wedding of the four brothers took place at the same time. Rama was wedded to Sita, Lakshmana to Sita’s sister Urmila; Bharatha and Shatrughna were married to Mandavi and Suthakeerti respectively, who were the daughters of Janaka’s brother. All the people rejoiced.

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