PROPHET Mohammed was giving to the world his new religion called ‘Islam.’ He was a God-man spreading the message of truth, prayer, peace, and love among men.

When Mohammed started preaching Islam, there were many persons who opposed him. Some did not agree with him because of their ignorance. Others were jealous of his growing popularity. Many of them started spreading false stories about him to create hatred against him in the minds of the people. Some even planned to attack him and cause harm to him.

Among these opponents was an aged Arab lady. As she saw Mohammed’s followers growing in number every day, she could not control her anger and hatred towards him. Happily for her, she learnt one day that Mohammed used to pass by her house every morning on his way to the masjid. That very day, she collected in a plate all the dust and dirt in the house and she was ready with her plan to insult him.

The next morning, as Mohammed came along, she went to the upper storey of her house and threw all the dust and dirt on his head. But Mohammed did not even care to look up. He went on, undisturbed, towards the masjid, shaking off the rubbish that had fallen on his head and shoulders. The lady, however, had a good laugh at his plight. “Well, well, this is just the greeting he should get from me every morning,” she said to herself.

She continued to play this mischief every morning to insult Mohammed. But she saw that he did not take it seriously at all. In fact, his cold indifference to her mischievous game irritated her more and more every day.

One day Mohammed, while passing by her house, suddenly realised that no rubbish had fallen on his head for the past three days. Instead of feeling happy, he became worried, “Why has the rubbish not fallen down today? I hope my followers have not come to know of this mischief and punished the person. Anyway, let me go in and find out what has happened to the person.”

Mohammed went up the staircase and knocked at the door which was half closed. “Come in,” said a weak voice. As he stepped in, he said to the aged lady lying ill on the bed and groaning in pain. “Mother,” said Mohammed in an affectionate tone, “you seem to be very ill. Have you been taking any medicine?” “There is none else in the house to attend to me,” said the aged lady. “With great difficulty I manage to walk about when I need anything”.

Mohammed heard from her more about her growing illness during the last three days and went away. After some time he came back with a bottle in his hand. “I have brought you this medicine from the Hakim,” he said, pouring some of it in a cup. “Take it three times a day and all will be well with you soon.”

The lady was moved to tears by the purity of Mohammed’s heart. “How tolerant, loving, forgiving this great man is,” she was thinking to herself. Then turning to Mohammed she started sobbing, as her heart was full of repentance. “You are truly a God-man,” she said to him in faltering words. “Will God ever forgive me for my sin against you? Please show me the right way to God.”

“Do not make yourself miserable mother,” said Mohammed to the lady. “If you have faith that God is All-mighty: All-knowing, and All-pervading, He will never be far away from you. But mere worship does not please Him. Selfless love for all and its practice through prayer, truthfulness, forgiveness, charity, service and self-sacrifice-. only these make us the beloved ones of God”.


  1. What was the mistake committed by the aged Arab lady?
  2. Why is the saint respected by all?
  3. What lesson did Mohammed teach her?
  4. How can we become the beloved ones of God?
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