Eeshwarambaa sutah sreeman
Poorvaa sandhyaa pravartatey
Uttishtha Sathya Saisha
Kartavyam daivamaahnikam.
O son of Eashwarambaa! O resplendent majestic one!
Dawn is breaking in the East.
The daily tasks of divinity which You have undertaken are at hand.
Therefore, awake, O Lord Sathya Sai.

We are children of God. We awaken this awareness before we start our daily duties, so that we may awaken the Divine qualities in us. Sri Sathya Sai Baba says, “I am God, and you are also God.”

Suprabhatam Verse 1- Explanation

EeshwarambaaMother Eawaramma
SreemanResplendent, majestic
PoorvaThe east
Sandhyaaday break, dawn
pravartateyis appearing
Uttishthais appearing
Sathya SaishaO Lord Sathya Sai
aahnikamdaily tasks

Suprabhatam Verse 1 – Further Reading

In the morning when we recite the Suprabhatam, we must realize that the Lord is there within us.

It is He who is going to perform all actions through our Indriyas. The actions should be such that they can be called Godly. Each time the child does any action or thinks of any thought, if he remembers that my Lord Sai is within me, and will He do such a thing as I am doing? will He think such a thing as I am thinking? then he will be guided towards the right action. As a new day begins in the morning, we should chant this Suprabhatam and remind ourselves of the existence of the Lord within us.

Eeshwaraambaa Suta refers to all of us, as we are all the divine children of immortality. The place Puttaparthi is our own body. The devotees eagerly waiting are the Indriyas. The fruits are the flowers and the offerings are the offerings of our deeds. The women who are as pure as Sita are the feminine aspect of the power within each one of us, as Ichcha Shakti, Kriya Shakti, Vichar Shakti, Vaak Shakti, etc. Shakti signifies the feminine aspect.

In this manner if we try to awaken the Lord within us, that is, try to realize His Presence, surely we will reach His Abode which is resplendent with Jnaan, Vignaan, Sugnaan & Pragnaan and thus we will be liberated.

This is the message of the Suprabhatam.

[Source: Sri Sathya Sai Balvikas Primer II – For Group II – Sri Sathya Sai Books & Publications Trust]

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