Suprabhatam Verse 8 – Audio

Seeta satee sama vishuddha hridambu jaataah
Bahvanganaah kara gruheeta supushpa haaraah
Stunvanti divyanutibhih phanibhushanam twaam
Sri Sathya Sai Bhagawan Tava Suprabhaatam

Women devotees, as pure as Sita, whose hearts are as pure as the lotus, are bringing beautiful flower garlands in their hands and singing Thy Glory, the Glory of Shiva adorned with serpents. O Sri Sathya Sai Bhagawan, Salutations to You on this auspicious morning.

Inner Significance

Here Shiva refers to the Atma. Women devotees refer to the feminine aspect of the Power within each of us, namely Kriyaa Shakthi (the power to act), Icchaa shakthi (will power), and Jnaana Shakthi (power of acquiring knowledge). When Atmic awakening takes place, these powers also awaken.

Suprabhatam Verse 8 – Explanation

Seeta sateepure and chaste as Sita
samawho are equal to
ambu jaataah(like) lotuses
kara gruheetataken in hands
supushpabeautiful flowers
Stunvantiextol, glorify
divyanutibhihwith divine eulogies
bhushanamwho is adorned with


Suprabatham Verse 8 – Further Reading

Explanation :

This verse is the culmination of spiritual life. It comes about after the preliminary disciplines are gone through and the devotee has purified himself. He is fit for the next step – the merging or union with God.

Here the word ‘Bahvanganah’ represents mankind as a whole. When the human beings purify themselves by the above-mentioned sadhanas, they become instruments of God, partners in His holy mission of Dharmasansthapana.

This signifies the union of Jiva and Shiva; of Prakriti and Purusha; of Atma and Paramatma.

Oh, Resplendent Divine Truth of my being, dawn on my consciousness that through my saadhana, I may purify myself and become a flute in your hands, bringing melody, harmony, peace and joy to my fellow beings.

In fact, it is a marriage between the individual soul and Paramatma – Jiva and Shiva. The devotee is compared to a pure woman who offers the garland of total surrender to her Lord. We now are still in the Anandamaya Kosha.

The Suprabhatam aims at awakening this dormant power – Shakti within us and once awakened, this Kundalini Shakti moves through the shatchakras on to the thousand petalled Lotus on the sahasra chakra. The grace of our Guru can awaken this dormant power, which is said to be asleep at the base of the spinal cord.

Children should be told in brief about the Kundalini Yoga though not in great details. For example, we can tell the children that if a power is awakened, he shows great qualities of head and heart. His character and personality are refined and he has more than average intelligence. Such a person has conquered the six enemies Kama, Krodha, Lobha, Moha, Mada and Matsara. 

Baba says that geniuses in any field of music, singing, table, santoor, sitar etc., have awakened Shaktis due to their intense concentration and love for Art.

Thus perfection in any sphere whether worldly or spiritual shows a highly evolved person while an unawakened person lives in the lower planes of consciousness. Such a person lives only to eat, drink and enjoy life – showing animal qualities.

Great energy and enthusiasm for good work for society or the Nation is the Lord’s Shakti. Children’s energy should be channelized towards high ideals and values. In this way, we can become instruments and spread love and peace.

Let us daily arouse our Atmic consciousness and do our daily duties in an awakened condition. Then our wanderings will be over and we shall return home like heroes covered with glory.

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