Suprabhatam Verse 9 – Audio

Suprabhaatamidam punyam
Ye pathanti diney diney
Tey vishanti param dhaama
Jnaana vijnaana shobhitaah
Those who recite this Suprabhaatam (Awakening Hymn)
day after day, (with faith and devotion)
will attain the highest Abode (the Goal),
having obtained knowledge and wisdom.
Inner Significance

Param Dhaama: The Vedanta has declared that the goal of human life is release from the cycle of birth and death or moksha. Ignorance about the meaning and purpose of life leads to wrong understanding, wrong thinking and wrong actions and consequently to bondage and suffering. Knowledge and wisdom leads us to freedom and joy.

Jnaana and Vignaana: Whatever has been learned by sitting at the feet of the Guru has been referred to as Jnaana or Knowledge. If what you listen to is later absorbed by contemplation and practice, Knowledge becomes transformed into Vignaana or Wisdom.

By the daily meaningful recitation of the Suprabhaatam, while meditating on its inner significance, we connect with the God within us and link up with that Divine Energy throughout the day.

Suprabhatam Verse 9 – Explanation


SuprabhaatamSuprabhata song
yethose who
diney dineyday after day
ParamThe ultimate
Dhaamaabode i.e. self realisation
Shobhitaahresplendent with


Suprabatham  Verse 9 – Further Reading

Explanation :

Whoever recites this awakening hymn every day will attain the Highest Abode, resplendent with knowledge and supreme wisdom.

May our Sadguru Sai daily awaken in us our Atmic Consciousness.

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