Ravana called all his ministers to the Audience Hall where all of them supported him out of fear. Only Vibhishana told him, “Rama is not an ordinary person. What can one single living being like you do, to injure or obstruct the Ruler of the fourteen worlds? Give up your hatred for such a Divine Person and pray to be accepted as His servant. Return His consort to Him and earn His grace.” Ravana was enraged and ordered him to be removed from the Hall for extolling his enemy.

Gurus to tell children that no matter how mighty and haughty people around us are, we should never be afraid of speaking the truth and adhering to righteousness. Values imbibed: Satyam Vada, Dharmam Chara. Be heros not zeros [A true hero is one who stands for what is right and is not afraid of saying so]

Vibhishana took the name of Rama and crossed the sea to reach Mahendra Hill and sought permission to meet Rama. The Vanaras were suspicious and wanted to take him captive. But Rama who was compassionate said that even the worst person should be treated with kindness if he surrenders. When Vibhishana was brought before Rama, he fell at His feet. He said he was born as a Rakshasa, but asked Rama to save him and surrendered to him. Rama said, “You possess all desirable excellences. Or else, you would not have earned this darshan, this chance to touch me and contact me, and this opportunity to converse with me.”

Gurus to tell children that God is merciful and always forgives us and accepts us with love when we are sorry for our mistakes and when we promise not to repeat them. We too should be loving and forgiving with our friends Values to be imbibed: Love is giving and forgiving; Self is getting and forgetting. Gurus can also explain our Swami?s innumerable instances of Darshan, Sparshan, Sambhashan and how it leaves the devotees in complete joy and bliss.

Rama sprinkled some water on his head and promised to make him the future ruler of Lanka. Rama told everybody to look upon Vibhishana as a comrade. Everybody then headed to the seashore.

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