Easter Fun (Group Activity)

These games are so simple, but young children thrive on simplicity. Add a few Easter treats or other rewards and they’ll be keen to play the games again and again.
Values inculcated :
  • Team work
  • Significance of Easter
  • Developing Love in God
  • Understanding the importance of the teachings of Jesus like kindness, forgiveness, love etc.
Materials required :
Preparatory Effort :
  • Gurus to know the resurrection story.
  • Narrate the resurrection story to children.
  • Children to listen carefully and play the game afterwards

If you want to play this game with lot of children, print off a set of cards for each or enough for pairs.

  • Mix all the cards up and have the children put the story in order from left to right.
  • If you’re playing with a big group, whoever can sort them first, wins!
  • This game can be played by blindfolding one child! Mix the cards up and put them in front of the blindfolded person. The person with the blindfold is the only one who can touch the cards. Their partner would tell them what is on the card and help them put the cards in order by giving them verbal directions.
  • Another easy one; just hide the cards and have the children find them and put them in order.
  • If you are playing in a big group, print the cards on different coloured paper. Give each child or team a colour to find.
  • First team to put their cards in order, wins!
  • Go over each of the cards with the children and talk about each event.
  • Then write down in a secret place which card you are thinking about.
  • The children have to read your mind by asking yes or no questions about which resurrection card they think AND
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