Easter Tomb Craft (Best Out Of Waste)

Values inculcated :
  • Team work
  • Developing Faith in God
  • Understanding the importance of the teachings of Jesus like kindness, forgiveness, love etc.
Materials required :
  1. Paper plate
  2. Straws 5 no’s
  3. Craft glue
  4. Green colour acrylic paint
  5. Card board piece such that it has 2 parts joined such that one is bigger than the other.
  6. Paint brush
  7. Sketch pens or market pen
  8. Scissors
Getting Ready : The Guru can narrate the story of Easter to children and discuss about the great qualities and teachings of Lord Jesus.

1. Cut the paper plate in half. Cut a half oval shape in the centre of the plate as shown above.

2. Paint the paper plate with the green acrylic paint.

3. Cut 3 paper straws into 2 pieces such that one is longer than the other.

4. Glue the straws and make cross as shown above.

5. Make three crosses.

6. Glue the paper plate to the short side of the card board.

7. Glue the crosses and draw the picture of Jesus Christ on the paper plate cut out from step 1 and glue it inside the opening of the tomb.

8. Cut the small piece of triangle from the card board left over.

9. Glue the triangle piece to the back side of the cardboard and make stand.

10. Decorate the cardboard as you wish.

11. Make the child write the bible verse Matthew 28:6 . This will be the stone that was rolled away. Place it next to the tomb opening.

– Craft work by K. Sai Aravind & K. Sri Ram
(Balvikas Students)

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