Holy Holi Cards

Bring Nature Into Your Holi Celebrations With Leaf Printed Holy Cards
Values Inculcated:
  • Learning to Love nature
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Art and craft skills
Materials Required:
  • Leaves, flowers
  • Card (medium size)
  • Paint (bright colours)
  • Paint brush
  • Pallette or plate
  • Newspaper
  • Choose leaves that are still fresh and pliable. Leaves that are dried will not work, as they’ll snap and crumble when pressed or worked on.
  • Lay newspapers down to protect your work surface.
  • Squeeze a little paint onto a small plate or palette.
  • Paint the surface of the leaf with paint.
  • Gently flip the leaf paint side down onto the card.
  • Peel the leaf from the card and you should have a printed mirror image of your leaf/petal.
  • Vibrant Holi card is ready!
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