5 Pillars Game

During the month of silent and sincere remembrance of the Lord, by way of Fasting, Prayer and Charity, let us try to understand the true essence of The Five Pillars of Islam and how our beloved Swami has related these pillars to the Five Basic Human Values.

  • Shahadah (Faith) which relates to Truth
  • Salah (Prayer) which relates to Peace
  • Zakat (Charity) which relates to Right Conduct
  • Sawm (Fasting) which relates to Non –Violence and
  • Hajj (Pilgrimage) which relates to Love


  • Deep understanding of the essence of Islam
  • Understanding the fact that 5 Human Values are the basis of all religions


  • Chart Papers or Cardboards
  • Sketch Pens
  • White rangoli powder or white chalk to draw line on the ground


  • Gurus to explain about 5 pillars of Islam & 5 values that Swami has related them to.
  • Prepare cards for 5 pillars & 5 values


  • Divide the children (Group II) into teams of 5.
  • Draw 3 lines; Start line, Values line and Pillars line.
  • Make the team members stand in line one after the other. All the teams have to stand in start line with a gap.
  • Keep a bowl of value cards on the second line (values line). Place the Pillar cards separately on the Pillar line in order.
  • Once the whistle goes, one person from each team will run to value line. Take one card at a time, run to the Pillar line, match with the right pillar card & come back to take the next card. All 5 cards have to be placed on the right Pillar cards.
  • Once he/she finishes, he/she will go & stand last in the queue. The next person runs straight to pillars line, takes one Pillar card at a time and puts them back in value cards bowl (One after another). Runs back to the queue.
  • The next one would arrange again. All the 5 members will do their turn of activity, whether to match or bring back. Whichever team finishes this first is the winner.


I – If the number of children is less, the same game can be conducted between individuals instead of teams

II – If the same is going to be played out door, we can play this as “Finding the Right Partner”. We need to make 5 kids stand in Values Line holding value cards and another 5 to stand in Pillars Line with Pillar cards. The runner has to pick each one of the Value Line child and take them to the right partner.

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