Gopala Radhey Krishna – Audio

Gopala Radhey Krishna Govinda Govinda Gopal
Gopal Gopal Gopal
Govinda Govinda Gopal Radhey Krishna
Govinda Govinda Gopal Sai Krishna
Govinda Govinda Gopal

Gopala, the consort of Radha, the tender of cows, our dear Sai, we chant Your name.

Gopala Radhey Krishna – Explanation

Gopala Go – cow; pala – protector;
This name refers to the Krishna incarnation, because He played the role of a cowherd, tending to cows
Radhey Radha, the great devotee of Lord Krishna
Krishna Lord Krishna. The name ‘Krishna comes’ from the root word ‘Karsh’ which means to attract or draw towards as in ‘aakarshana’.
Govinda A name generally used for Lord Vishnu and specifically for the Krishna avatar. ‘Go’ means ‘cows’. Since Krishna played the role of a cowherd, He bears this name.
Sai Refers to our beloved Lord Sai. One meaning of this word is ‘master’

Gopala Radhey Krishna – Activity

One minute play game :

The challenge is to write “Sai Krishna” using match sticks in one minute as shown in the picture above. The child who finishes first is the winner. Alternatively, the child who writes it maximum times in one minute will be the winner.

Gopala Radhey Krishna – Further Reading

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