This is the period of doing and making. “Start Early, Drive Slowly, Reach safely” is our Swami’s Divine Dictum. With this in view, children are inducted into this program at an early age of 6 years. When seeds of Human excellence are sown at a young age, they become rooted in values, remember and follow these throughout their lives. At this stage, the child wants to do and make things; hence the focus by the Bal Vikas guru is on pictorial demonstrations, games, charts, group activities, role-plays and attitude testing, group singing, storytelling, prayers, silent sitting, rather than on mere lecturing.  


This is the stage of making and planning. The foundation laid at the Group I stage starts taking a shape here. At this stage, the student is not happy with mere stories, songs and group games; the student needs much more than to meet his imagination and curiosity. He needs food for thoughts; so the five techniques are oriented to help him master his mind, control his senses and develop the 5 Ds and thus the foundation of harmony of the word and deed is laid. At the Group-II level, the focus of the Bal Vikas guru therefore, shifts in order to keep the children’s interest and imagination alive.


This is the age of planning and achieving. The application of values in real life situations starts in the true sense at this age. The student at this level wants a practice ground for him to put to test what he has learnt and so the Guru provides the student with ample opportunities to put to practice what he has learnt and imbibed in the class, at campus or even in the organizational activities through projects and seminars. At the Group-III level, the guru is more than a mother and teacher. She does the role of a friend, a confidante of the student, keeping the needs of the student in mind.